• Few rumours this morning Juve are selling him with United and City interested. Personally can’t see it happening and no idea why Juve would want rid, but I think he’s a far better option for United than Sancho. Can play wide right or CF and is far more proven than Sancho, as well as being cheaper. Obviously for FI holders it would be a dream - He’d double overnight!

  • Depends how much Pirlo wants to refresh the squad, he is probably their most saleable asset?!

  • Supposedly some disagreements over the new contract that they've been discussing throughout July. Would love to see him at United or Real, currently battling big Ron for top FWD at Juve.

  • I personally hold Dybala and think he's currently undervalued, especially after his dip in price over the past month. I think whatever happens this summer the future for him in FI can only be positive barring a big injury...

    Making a move to MU would see his price double, Real would see him be able to be the biggest PB player at the club or staying at Juve would see him take the crown from Ronaldo when he eventually moves on.

  • Interesting player, just two or three years ago he was heralded as the next Messi and was the stand out player at Juve. The arrival of Ronaldo seemed to have hampered his star player footing but in the long term might have made him a better player. With Ronaldo a year older, this could be the year Dybala takes back the star man role at Juve or like others have said, gets picked up by another team.

  • Can see him being linked heavily to United like last season and possibly Spurs. No Sancho could mean Dybala funds are freed up.

  • If he does actually move & it's not just smoke & mirrors papertalk.... and he gets the RIGHT move - the guy can be a serious player on here.

    Think it's one I'll closely monitor.

  • One of the few players on FI that I want to hold a sizeable amount of shares in, but never have. If he moves to United, can’t see it personally, but if he did, I would put £10k on him straight away. Top player.

  • Stuck a cheeky 100 unit bid on at £3.73 :-)

    You never know, someone might be in the Foden boat a couple of days ago and sell up

  • A lot of ppl will have got burned on the Utd rumour last summer. I wouldnt be buying him for that alone personally. I do think hes a good buy if you can get in now, even at market price, although I dont hold him currently, but once hes full of Utd money he becomes a risk in my view.

    If the rumours gather pace then he could easily break £6, but if he doesnt then move, the reaction will be swift and brutal. And will he ever recover that cap dep? Were in a Euros year, hes 26 already, gonna be pushing 28 by the start of the following season which is a world cup year. Well I'd suggest only if the next div increase is percieved as very good, would he ever again hit £6 as a non man utd/EPL player.

    Yes it's very likely that the divs will out weigh that cap dep if you hold for any length of time, but you dont buy a player with the intention of breaking even, do you

  • @Millerman so you put in bids under instant sell price? or has it changed .4.19 atm

  • @jonathan-rolfe YEAH, sorry caps - you can bid lower than the instant sell price....you never know.

    Foden and Grealish have been 2 players over the past 3 days that people have just sold at whatever prices are showing, reading twitter one account had just had enough and sold (a long term account and was making plenty of profit so both me and him happy) and the other as someone following the FI-DON dude and had sold most his port to get on Sancho (who in my opinion is at a peak price so as a short term bet many will get burnt, as a long term media dude people should be reight as rain).

  • Currently looks like he might be used for funds for Juve. Real, Spurs & United getting a bit of media attention. Could definitely see interest being ignited by United to try and force Dortmund's hand a little bit to push Sancho through.

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