When are fans allowed

  • Back into grounds, any news or links to anything?

    Having just been on a couple of airplanes and in airports I see no reason why people can't attend football if they have a face covering.

    Same with music, and other gatherings.

    Would fans in grounds be good for the index? Would more people get back on with 'betting'?

  • I've had two fans on all week. It's too bloody hot to not allow them.

  • Test events were postponed to commence on Saturday at the earliest (delayed from 1st August). This was for a phased return in October. Not sure what events are earmarked for testing now though. I think another update on these is due tomorrow.

    In France, they are permitting about 13% of the total stadium capacity in but inclusive of players, staff etc. Some clubs are still doing BCD games when there is a high number of cases in that area e.g. Nice are playing their first game behind closed doors for this reason.

    My personal opinion is it'll be 2021 until its possible for some fans in the Stadiums, I'm not sure 13% fans in will make much difference however.

  • Might be an unpopular view, but we're getting to the point where we just need to get on with it. Virus appears to be here to stay and I have low confidence that a vaccine is coming. People will need to decide on risks they want to take and I get the issue about strain on nhs, but economies are crumbling. No politician wants a higher fatality rate on their hands tho, unless they want to further distract from the impending fuck up that is Brexit, so expect this environment to persist beyond the end of this year at least.
    Might see a % of fans allowed back in, hopefully the loud chanty types.

  • @TotalPunt not an unpopular view in my household. I too think we need to 'get on with it' as individuals we have a choice if we want to take a risk or not.

    I took a risk to go on holiday, not because I am selfish or stupid, but 'touch wood' it hasn't affected, me or my family or any of my friends - so I don't have that emotional attachment to the virus like those that have lost people or have suffered. I'm sure my views would change if I did lose someone etc....

    I tend to take advice on what I see and read and also experience as do lots of other people. I also understand why people would not want to take a risk, I would never try to change anyone's mindset on that.

    I see no reason why wearing a face mask on a plane or in an airport is any more of less of a risk of wearing it for 90 minutes at a football match. The plane journey was 3 hour 20.

  • @TotalPunt Pretty sure Russia has a vaccine that has been through human trials but i could be wrong.

  • Thats the thing though, you might be willing to take the risk (tbh I think I am too) but we may well be asymptomatic and can therefore actually spread the virus further to people not willing to take the risk. Its a selfish and dangerous strategy to "risk it" for others more than yourself.

    I think lower/non league football needs crowds to return before the top flight. Smaller numbers and not televised, plus clubs need the funds urgently (especially non league). Non league grounds tend to be fairly "open" and "outsidey" as well.

  • @Highfields96 Agree that i can't see fans being allowed into venues until next year.....how many clubs will go under in that 3 month period though?

    Didn't a lot of clubs end the season's because it was cheaper to not actually play than to play the games? If so, what has changed?

    Or was it to stop Peterborough from making the play offs?

  • From rumours and hearsay, I'd suggest November will be a starting point

  • @Millerman Not sure personally, FC's run at a loss anyway. The crossroads here is roughly 30% of revenue made is by ticket sales, this increases the lower down you go. Even with some fans, I think the risk of club's going under is the same as the revenue is just so critical.

    League 1 and 2 salary cap is useful if its enforced. I think there is a moral problem here more than anything, imo Football needs govt. help (funds) until full crowds are possible but the old wage debate would make it a political hot potato.

    EFL clubs have already had, in advance, some PL solidarity payments for the 20/21 season; unfortunately, it seems the EFL are strongly in the dirt whatever the outcome.

  • I also think it's time we just got on with it. Theyve been trying to develop a vaccine for SARS for 18 years with no success. Am I still gonna be driving about with a face mask in my door pocket in 2038? Am I fuck, and neither is anybody else. Sooner we just start getting on with it, the better

  • @MickTurbo Perhaps footy fans should just have a straightener with the politicians to sort it out 😃😃

  • @Karl the pathetic thing is I'm not too sure who'd come out on top in a fist fight nowadays! Imagine saying that 20 years ago 😂 bunch of absolute fannies nowadays

  • @Leighton said in When are fans allowed:

    Thats the thing though, you might be willing to take the risk (tbh I think I am too) but we may well be asymptomatic and can therefore actually spread the virus further to people not willing to take the risk. Its a selfish and dangerous strategy to "risk it" for others more than yourself.

    Yep, fully buy into that. I am more coming from a point that we can't do that forever and that there is a reasonable chance that there is no vaccine coming and it's not just going to disappear. So at some point a very difficult decision may need to be made....and how long can you delay that. I have got parents and other relatives who would be considered a risky age, so there's a huge emotional price tag here. But, from a cold, big picture perspective, we're all fucked if we don't get back to 'normality'.

  • @MickTurbo 20 Years ago, if all fans got together they could have taken over the world

  • PL are working on a 25% capacity as far as I know

  • Daniel Levy has already made me cough up a non-refundable deposit for my season ticket, so I'd better be able to get to a few games!

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