Jude bellingham

  • Hi,

    Does anybody watch this guy play regularly? I mean I've seen highlights of him on YouTube and stuff (I'm not comparing myself) but I played at a decent standard when younger and I'm sure you could make a video of me being the next best thing 🙈🤭.

    Anyone know the potential of this guy? Likely to be the next sancho or burnt out by the time hes 20?

    Any comments welcome, including taking the mick out of me for the first paragraph.

  • Bellingham's potential is already costed into his current price. He needs to play regularly if he is going to rise any further i'd say. He's a safe hold, but its a gamble if he actually is the real deal or not.

  • He's on my Radar post payday as it seems like Dortmund will use him in a way that see him get a lot of the ball in a deeper role from what the Athletic have say I think alongside Witsel. If he game continues to develop in a steady manner, then his current price is fair to me.

  • @Leo-G I'm more inclined to go with Leighton on this one. His potential is represented in his value so it'd be a bit of an unnecessary risk at this point. Are we sure he'll go straight into the team? If you're in it for the long run then no harm in getting involved now but I think even if he starts and plays alright, dividends aside his value won't shoot up until he is a regular performer like Sancho and getting linked to other teams, but that should be within 3 years with his current development so you know...

    In conclusion, I think getting him now is a bit risky as you'd be better off waiting for him to start showing his promise and get in just as his price starts to spike. Dortmund have a great track record with finding youngsters but there is the odd one who doesn't live up to expectations.

  • Never seen him play but if Football Manager is anything to go by then he will become a world class player!!!

    2 saves I've done - first i bought him as Tottenham as a youngster and developed into England international and world class player
    Other save as Southend he went to Milan (instead of me!!) via Cagliari and again is England International (21 caps at 21 years old)

    Dortmund should help him develop and long term should be a pretty safe investment.

  • Could turn into a Walcott (average) an Oxlade-Chamberlain (fairly decent) or a Bale (world class) all shined at a young age but had vastly different career trajectories.

    At £4+ already, for me - it's just too much of a gamble.

    You can't ride every train & I'm happy to sit this one out considering the cost of the ticket.

  • @Ericali the issue is the first two you mentioned, went to Arsenal haha - just kidding, they generally developed young players very well. Dortmund are similar to what Arsenal used to be, bringing through world class young talent who are then inevitably picked off by bigger clubs.

  • @howsthebacon can't disagree with much you said, I'd be in for the longer haul, so don't mind paying a bit of a premium now. I don't think he'll be playing constantly to start with and not being someone who is going to be a bag full of goals or assists early doors certainly, but again if his development curve is half that of say Sancho, he'll be a very tidy player

  • @Leo-G yeah it's not a high risk move getting him now but for me it just isn't worth the small risk for a small gain or potentially no gains over the people who jump in half way through the season. I doubt he'll lose value though because his potential will still be there even if he struggles early on at Dortmund.

    He's on my watch list but I think the whole Sancho saga is making us all expect any British kid to go to Dortmund to come out a finished product.

    Look at Isak, he went there as the new Zlatan and it didn't work out straight away. He's starting to discover some of his potential at Socidead (is it?) so there is a player there but even though Dortmund's scouting is spot on, not every signing works out.

  • Also, just to add....

    Regardless of how he does or doesn't develop let's not forget that Manchester United rolled out the red carpet for him even bringing Alex Ferguson in to give him a guided tour.

    He turned us down for Dortmund.

    I don't think the big dogs in the corridors of power will forget something like that so easily.

    And if you've burned your bridges with what is essentially the jackpot move in Football Index terms, then where else are investors ideally looking to him to go? 🤔

    For over £4, I personally feel the horse has bolted

  • @Ericali considering Pogba left in awkward circumstances before returning, I don't think you can categorically rule out Bellingham moving to Man U in future. But I do agree with everyone in terms of current price.

  • @NewUser600411 Its not what he is its what he could be.

    The hype train was always on your side with him, before FI fucked everything up I would have told you to BUY while you can as hype could make this kid look like Sancho on roids in the coming years.

    Now? I have no idea.
    I hold 1000 shares at £2.60 so im in "profit" in theory, however now I have no idea.

  • @Ericali TBH I think they have an unspoken agreement, Dortmund get him to polish him off, ManU get Sancho and if Bellingham works out well, he goes to United down the line. Obviously once they fatten the goose up he will be worth more, but both sides win.

    From an unbaised POV Dortmund was the better move for the kid as he would never get the game time at United required to help him grow imo.

  • @Kanzz surely with that much profit you could still IS and make something from him? I mean I had a huge profit on Sancho but still had to take a loss (not including the dividends that about broke even for me) so I know it's not always that simple.

  • @Ericali ridiculous comment, burnt his bridges at 17!!!

    The kid wants to play football he wouldn't have done so at Utd.

    I may add Sancho is maybe looking at the Utd team and thinking do I get to play every week with a Euros coming up.........

    I have yet to see a formation that includes Greenwood, Rashford, Martial and Sancho!!

  • @trig I rate Sancho but it just feels like one of those transfers that just lacks imagination. It's almost as if the media created it and both clubs and the player have gone along with it. They have a few players with similar attributes to Sancho, I mean granted Greenwood and Rashford will want to be more involved and central but they can both do a good job out wide and can chip in with goals. They've also got Dan James who I don't think is great but he is a quick little grafter who can cover both wings and if they want him to develop into a proper player he will need some game time.

    I think signing Jimenez would make more sense if they're going to throw money around. They'd also have money spare to look at a new defensive mid too.

    That being said Sancho would make them a better team if he was to sign.

  • @howsthebacon Sancho might make them a better team but who gets dropped?

    United be better buying a quick CB that can play along beside Maguire and a back up to Wan Bissaka.

    Defensive midfield they seem to have Pogba sort if in that position long with Fred. Matic and McTominay.

  • All the other PB leagues are nowhere near as competitive as the EPL.


    etc etc have all had great seasons in other leagues.

    not to mention the 100's of players that have been in England and are now playing out their skin elsewhere.

  • @trig I'm not a United fan but I watch them a lot as I live in London therefore a lot of my mates support them haha.

    Hmm, well I guess they'd rotate :/ but can't see Sancho moving to be part of a rotation.

    I am a big fan of Pogba and if he stays and Bruno is on form, that'll take pressure of Pogba and allow him to do his job better. I still think a proper destroyer along side him would be good. Can Mctominay be that guy? Can Fred be that guy? On a good day they can both be decent but not sure they'll ever be title winners, but who knows. McTominay seems to becoming the new Fletcher, really sensible player. Not blessed with natural talent but intelligent, hard working.

    CB wise, I rate Lindelof, think he has a lot more to offer but if they really want to compete, they could look at that lad from Leipzig! He looks like a beast.

  • @howsthebacon I could but thats not the point imo. I was just more trying to paint the picture of what I thought about the kid and what I thought he could once be, now im unsure.

    Not about his career, I see only good things for the kid, just unsure about what will happen with him on FI and FI in general.

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