Diego Jota

  • obviously a talented player with potential for high pb but been one of my worst investments so far. Just seems to have lost form at the wrong time. I'm thinking of taking advantage of his price fall but a little worried as some Wolves fans i know rate Pedro higher. im guessing even if Jimenez stays Jota will still feature more next season in the premiership with Pedro getting the odd game . how do you see him as a 3 year bet?

  • @jonathan-rolfe I had him in my port and planned to hold for the 3 years but I’m looking to sell him as soon as I can. Was hoping to sell during Europa games this month but he’s even fallen out of favour with Nino. Yes he’s capable of big scores but it’s too infrequent and in a time when the new TOTM awards consistency, there are better options elsewhere in my opinion. So I’m out!

  • I'm a big holder of Diogo.

    having watched him over the last 3 seasons at Wolves, the problem he suffers with mostly is inconsistency- but he is still only 23 so plenty of time to iron that out. When he is on top form and firing he is a frightening and unstoppable player.

    If you are looking to sell I would hold and wait until he has one of his purple patches next season and cash in. It's also worth noting from the last 3-4 performances this season all of the players were clearly absolutely knackered after the long season.

    Neto is a great, great prospect btw definitely one to keep an eye on and full of confidence.

  • My biggest loss, cant stand seeing his stupid face in more port. I do think he is worth persevering with, when he hits form he post some decent PB scores and has ben linked to bigger clubs. He is young and I've got faith (I think)

  • He is incredibly overpriced for what he is: an inconsistent impact sub. As someone who held him since November last year at around £1.40, I sold up as soon I could when the knee-jerk reaction in February caused him to spike by £1.
    He has roughly held his price since then because a lot of the people who bought in for FOMO refuse to sell at a loss, but realistically where can his price go? Even if he secures first team football for Wolves, I don't think he is worth much more than his current price, I certainly wouldn't value him as similar to Adama, who has a much better PB game and much more transfer potential.
    So Jota needs a number of things to go in his favour to see any more CA: guaranteed first team football, huge improvements to his consistency and PB game, a transfer to Man United, an incredible international tournament performance etc

    For his price range I would much rather have my money tied up in any of the consistent PB performers you can get at that price and lower.

  • My main worry is Wolves have no European competition, I'm going to keep hold of him and see how he does this season as everytime I sell someone they get Star man the next day...😁

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