Happy Friday Folks

  • First week back after 2 weeks in the sun of Greece and well whats been going off?

    A quick scout of the new forum (whoooo something new) and well, nowt, everything is flat as my first birds chest (take anything when were young and need a practice eh! I suppose she's somewhere in the world typing 'everything is getting small, like my first blokes cock (take anything when where young and practicing eh). Can I also say who came up with the colour scheme of message alerts (is there a way to change them so I can actually see them?)

    With the changes to the rules (again) I have decided to start selling off my Euro port as it seems the players are not going to count in terms of IPDs, was a long hard slog getting all those players bought, but I only have 20 left to sell and made profit and would still be in profit if I sold the ones at a loss, so thats good eh!

    I have now decided top 20 players is the place to be, low ball bids and up them 1p a day, i'm then selling them a day or two later and making around 13% a trade, so even though FI is wank at the moment and I truly dislike it, Im sticking around, a little like when you know someone in your other halfs family have money and one day you will inherit it.

    On a personal note the money I usually stick in here has been going in another 2 platforms - I think we all know what they are if anyone wants to know anymore then message me and lets not turn this into a pissing contest eh.

    On a serious and personal note, its that time of year I start my charity funding.....got a few long races coming - click the link if you can be arsed https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/barry-wilkinson9

    On a personal skilled based note, and one for me to share with my fellow users (this also works for girls). Whilst on holiday make sure you take plenty of selfies, you never know what material might pop up for your wanking chariot.


    Happy Friday everyone!!!!!!! Stay safe and healthy, take the piss out of each other, but more importantly and this is a must do today, drop a message to at least 5 of your mates and ask them how they are going on, ask them how they actually are going on...im sick and tired of people calling it a day because they can't cope anymore.....life's tough and really shit at times (been there got the t-shirt), but please, be there for your pals...even the wanker at work you don't like, you can and will make a differance.


  • Good luck on the runs, that's some serious running you have to do!

    Was going to dip my toe for a marathon this year myself but got hooked back to work from furlough so that put paid to that idea - got up to running 12 miles before that.

    I'm off to Portugal on Sunday so just coincidentally, did you cancel all your sell queue's before you went abroad?

    I know you can't trade abroad, but I'm assuming that relates to selling/buying directly over there & not if you had someone in the queue for 4 weeks previously.

    Surely you can just leave them there? 🤔

    Anyone know?

  • @Ericali I just left everyone up for sale, nothing is selling anyway at the moment!

    And yes rules overseas means no logging into your account and trading, if trades push through whilst your logged out thats ok.

    Some people talk about VPNs, I myself didn't bother as I enjoyed not looking at my port for 2 weeks and also what's the point in even chancing having your account cancelled as per the T&C's.

    Enjoy the break mate, and if you want to know anything, just ask on Twitter - that's what I did, plenty of people to answer your questions.

    Enjoy the break mate - enjoy the sun, and play the selfie game and update us on your return.

  • Got back from 2 weeks in Portugal last Saturday, the app wouldn't let me log in and said to use the website so I did, half way through I read the rules about not logging in from abroad!

    Would be better if the app actually told you not to log in at all!?

  • Great post and good luck with those runs. Rather you than me :-)

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