Meret or Ospina...or both

  • Can't work out what's going on with the Napoli GK situation, they are back in the Europa league next season which is noice, but debating who to go for, or to go for both...?

  • @Marksandygill I initially went for Meret, then Opsina started the next game, but then Meret started the next!! So I decided to just get both of them. Meret is really young as well.

  • Not sure whats going on but i bought both as both are too good to sit on the bench so they will either rotate or one will move to play first team elsewhere

  • Meret for me ... much safer hold ... cannot see him accepting a no2 role and if manager goes with ospina which I don’t think will happen could see meret moving.
    Go with youth and potential for me

  • I'm avoiding situations like this - the risk of being stuck with a back-up keeper is too large for me but I have noticed lower prices for GKs in these situations.

    If you have time to monitor situations regularly then you could be on to a winner.

    Personally any keeper I buy must be starting every game when fit - there is still too much value in the safer goalkeepers to be taking risks on those that may not play.

  • @Chris-J tbh I am following the same thinking, but when I bought Meret I thought he was going to be number one.

    I had already committed to him, so then when Ospina started a few I just decided to add him too.

    If I was looking to buy now, I wouldn't buy either because of the reason you stated.

  • Yeah, I think I either get both or neither, I'm pretty sure both have intimated they won't stick around to be backup, but like Chris said, the main point of buying GK is that they play every game!

  • I miss the days when the first reply would have been something along the lines of 'Reus is better value' 😁

  • @MickTurbo only on football manager 13, pretty sure if he was a horse they would have put him down by now :)

  • I’m on both as I think Meret will get a move some EPL links already

  • It's Gattuso in charge so he will probably keep rotating them game after game each season or get a brand new keeper altogether!

    Every foreign article I could find on this was along the lines of Gattuso currently favours Ospina as he believes his style is better suited to playing out from the back. With that said I wouldn't have major confidence either way on who's first choice for next season.

    At present they both have great spreads on ME to take advantage of.

  • Meret's agent just said he is either first choice this season or he goes on loan.....

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