When do you think the next stage of the ME will be launched?

  • When do you think the next stage of ME will be launched?

  • It needed launching weeks ago, so ASAP.

    As for when it will actually be launched, is anyone's guess!

  • I'll stick my neck out and say 'when it is ready'.

  • I'll stick my neck out and say before it's ready...:)

  • Sept

    Not saying what year though.

  • I think we'll see it come in and around the start of the PL season. No later than 20th September.

  • They need to make ME bids at a cost of 2% to the buyer first. This ME commission free malarkey is one of the main reasons why the market is so sterile. No one sells for peanuts and no one buys at full cost currently. Charge the purchaser and watch the ‘low balling’ bids decrease in a matter of days. The index will in turn, start to reflect players true value and stabilise the market as a whole.

  • @Sol Also keeping money in cash balances until a bid has been accepted would allow users to place more bids and decrease spreads 10 fold - such a simple step to take, no idea why this is not the case.

  • I'd also like to see better notifications/alerts of bid movements now that most 'trading' is done within the spreads.

  • I’m more interested in the overall affect of the 2nd phase. So many people on here thought the original introduction of the matching engine was going to be glorious for traders and that definitely hasn’t been the case.

    I can foresee a lot of volatility when phase 2 comes in.

    Say traders have been listing a £1 player for months. They decide to unlist and sell through ME2 setting a price at say 0.95/share. Now the act of lots of unlisting has the affect of raising the notional but price. So everyone not selling or staying in the sell queue could see their paper profit increase. Even though the trades actually taking place are well below that price. The people who had been bidding say £0.90 before ME2 now have a choice. Keep that bid live or buy at the £0.95 mark. If half of them decide to buy at the ME2 price the bid prices will actually fall. So the spreads could widen substantially but still be pretty meaningless apart from trader confidence. There is a huge difference between buying players with tight spreads and buying them with say 50% spreads. Your asking traders to accept they could half their investment the second they take the trade and hope that over time it will all come good.

    I can foresee a few weeks of intense selling and buying before we’re back to a flat market with only stand-out performers on the day getting price hikes.

    I can see goalkeepers doing well though. I still think relative to outfield players there is some value there, so money can shift to keepers once ME2 is rolled out.

    I could be completely wrong on all the above, of course. Do your own research. Pays your own money and take your own chances.

  • @MRJONB soon id say based on the deposit bonus emails starting to roll out. Maybe after the champions league final

  • From the road map

    We’ve formed a progressive communications plan for the roll out of this functionality that will begin to be published in the next two weeks and will expand as the release date gets closer.

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