The best midfielder in the world... kdb

  • Just wondering what people’s exit strategy (if you have one planned) with kdb is. He’s a great player and hold but has risen sharply recently. I fancy them tonight ofc but not sure about the semi final and I suspect if they lose In that one when then he will have a sharpish drop like everyone else being kicked out the champions league. Just wanted to get opinions on what you guys on the trusty forum would do. Thanks 😊

  • @Jdog I'm banking on a shock exit tonight and get him for a bit cheaper or even after the final. I suggested this plan in another thread and someone said they doubt he will drop much with the new season round the corner but surely more people will be willing to sell at the lower end of the spread now that the 5xIPD will no longer be eligible for him.

  • Not really had a massively sharp rise he's actually down on his peak in the last year still...a lot of money went out of him when citys european ban was announced so i would suggest it's recorrecting itself along with the TOTM helping consistent PB monsters like himself.

    Euros next season as well and world cup the following which provided he's fit will play a massive part in both you would imagine so wouldn't be panicking too much.

  • @howsthebacon I think they will slap Lyon about but I can’t see past Bayern so I may try and sell in game today tbh. I will probably get back on but I’ve done well out of him so I don’t mind selling tbh

  • @BlameItOnTraore I’m not panicking I just think after tonight they have Bayern. So, I don’t think they beat Bayern and for that reason I think he will drop and you will likely be able to get him for 50p ish cheaper on me. Only issue is if they go through against Bayern.

  • @Jdog good thing about tonights game is, City will probably win so its good to have some city players in who will also be strong holds for the season ahead but it's also worth getting involved in Depay, Dembele, Auoar etc as you can get them at a decent price and they might cause an upset -if they don't (correct me if I'm wrong) they have a couple of ligue 1 games still on 5x IPD...

    I just got Dembele at a very good price - as someone else mentioned he has been linked with a summer move too.

  • @Jdog yup that's the risk have enough holes in them defensively though they played a massively high line against barca...if they do that against city with citys pace they'll be punished alot more so not sure how to call it myself... Bayern been very impressive but are there to be got at...same can be said for city though so should make for a very good game...i think if he has a stormer tonight and they get through lyon he rises again.. especially if he rivals banega for top spot in TOTM. Obviously if not he drops until the season restarts which isn't too far away. Here's hoping he has a worldy tonight 🙌

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