MB Expansion

  • With the platform expanding to new countries are there any plans to expand the media markets that dictate media buzz beyond England?

  • In the recent Q&A with Adam Cole, he said there were no plans to change dividend structures yet. If it happens I can imagine that’ll be more further down the line to be honest

  • I'm content with the current system and I wouldn't want to push any changes but perhaps I'm thinking an 'easier' to understand straight forward and more 'fair' dividend structure would be easier for new users especially to understand?

    I'm not saying do this... Because I know a lot of you like the current way but opening up Media Buzz to 'all' players would make things much more interesting and we would have a slightly less dominant leaderboard of usual winners.

    I don't dislike the PB structure but adding goalies is one thing I would one day want to happen... Perhaps rather than on a position basis I would like to see Dividends paid as 1st, 2nd and 3rd perhaps??? We often see it very close between the leaders and if Firmino for example pips Salah it can be frustrating if they have dominated the evening with their performances... Only for Allison to get a MB with a score much lower than theirs after conceding five goals... Or like last night... A striker who doesn't score getting an undeserved PB??

    As i say i'm not pushing change... But if MB was 1,2,3 for all players and PB was 1,2,3 for all players it would be a very simple structure to understand!!!!

  • @dannypea Re 1,2,3 PB, I think this would make the market dominated by midfielders as they seem to be the most consistent performers. I personally like how it is atm as it balances all the positions fairly well.

  • @dannypea I think we should have 1st, 2nd and 3rd aswell. I would prefer it to stick to top 200 however as it means I am more likely to collect dividends.

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