De Bruyne

  • I’m not even sure I understand how this game works anymore.

    Got into him yesterday at what I thought was a decent price £5.35

    Wins PB, Star man and IPD’s now looking at £4.75 on IS 🤷‍♂️

    I’m starting to lose the will here. Obviously he’ll go back up at some point but it’s just sat there as dead money now probably until new season kicks off.

    It seems the divs don’t even plug the gap anymore. Wtf is going on. You don’t get rewarded in scenarios like this anymore ?

  • @Palmwa43 City have been knocked out so he misses 2 more possible games to earn PB and TOTM.

    Players always drop when they are knocked out, not unusual behaviour at all, had they gone through he’d be higher and you’d be happy that’s the game.

  • Yes I understand they are out @Sav2000 so expected to take a hit but not to that extent surely?

    I started the game looking at longer term, everything went down. Decided to try the flip game, same results.

    I’m not on here to whine and I’m staying till I figure it all out but I’m just baffled by that result on KDB.

    Is that how it would have been before I joined? I’m relatively new so don’t have the experience you guys have.


  • @Palmwa43 i also bought KDB yesterday on the hope that city won and KDB would mop up on divs. whilst he did mop up, city going out was always going to massively widen the spread. i was expecting to see an IS of about £4.65 this morning and have not been disappointed. that’s the risk we take as he no longer has a crack at august TOTM or any more gold day divs until new season. he will likely flounder now until new season so for me he will sit in the draw until the new season starts. As us been said, he would of flown if city had won. that’s the gamble. Sit tight as his day will come again but you will need patience.

  • @Palmwa43
    You gotta look at future rather then past. Losing another set of fixtures with city being knocked out is far more damaging then him wining PB hence the fall.
    The negative of losing out on potential MB ipds and pb and team of the month with city being done for season is reason for fall. He will be a monster again next season but gonna dip in the short term.

  • Thanks @Sizmart that backs up @Sav2000 comments I’m happy to hold him he’s incredible I guess I was just shocked at the spread so brutal lol!

    But if that’s the norm that’s the norm I guess.

    Thanks 👍🏻

  • @Palmwa43 remember if you're looking for longer term div holds, buy at times like this when you can get them cheap!😁
    99% of my players bought in the last 2 months would lose me money if I sold now!!

  • @Palmwa43 Just shows how the market is fucked at the moment.Some people recieve a bonus which if they utilise it will have little impact anyway.The index would normally be booming whilst CL & EL are running and Ligue 1 starting this week coming.My portfolio has been dropping daily for weeks now.I am slowly selling off what i can and no reinvestment at the moment.

  • @Marksandygill

    Yep i just bought 50 at £4.75, which I think is a very good price, especially as I've got the 10% cashback bonus at the moment.

  • Another bonkers thread slating FI to deflect from their bad investments. You bought KDB at a peak price and took a gamble - obviously he was going to drop if he got knocked out of CL as people will look to move money into other players who still have gold days / TOTM chances. Why would people continue to buy him today when there’s all these gold days / French football before he kicks a ball again? It was a clear gamble and you lost, don’t hide away from that and blame a lack of liquidity or whatever. Look at it from a positive - if he’s so damn good that you think he should be higher then use it as an opportunity to buy more shares cheaply and reduce your average buy price.

    These summer promotions have been excellent and my strategy has been to buy players when their spread widens and sell on their next match day when people buy in (eg Kimmich after not winning PB in last 16 v Chelsea @ 4.40 and then sold on day of Barca game @ 4.70-4.80. Yes I could’ve sold higher and missed dividends but I made risk-free guaranteed profit, and if Barca had won, Kimmich would probably be around 4.20-4.40 now.

    Some I’ve kept a few shares for IPDs/PB who I’m happy holding onto next season, and funnily enough KDB is one of those.

    I’ve basically gone for the ‘buy low, sell high’. Seems to work.

  • @chaps1988 I think he was just asking for advice really, FI can be confusing as hell even at the best of times!😁

  • He will rise again when Prem starts, people are obsessed with winning right now so will be consentrating on IP divs.

    A bonus is he will win MB today after winning POTY

  • Media incoming for KDB!

  • Perfect time to top up on him!

  • Happens lad. You made a mistake, learn from it. There was risk buying at that price, the drop is not non-sensicle.

    It's good you're trying to experiment and switch up strategies however, keep making them errors and you'll find out why the market moves the way it does at times.

  • Not a chance KDB gets MB, much more important things in the world of Sancho...
    Screenshot_20200816-103350_Football INDEX.jpg

  • @chaps1988 Fair enough mate, as brutal for me as the drop was there but appreciate the advice, which is what I was after 👍🏻

  • @Meridismo04 thanks mate, yeah I’ll take it on the chin. I was more concerned it wasn’t normal but reading everyone’s comments including yours it seems it is so like you said learn from it and move on 👍🏻

  • @Palmwa43 and there you have the right attitude; unsure, ask, get advice, discuss and move on.

    If only more people could be this open minded instead of stick all guns blazing to their views.

    @chaps1988 you we’re a tad brutal but at least it was received well.

  • @Palmwa43 also remember that the IS price on players quite often isn't a true reflection of what they can be bought at and does not reflect their true price.
    I think basically there is not enough cash floating around and depth in bids to keep IS prices respectable especially on players that aren't in the spot light right now.
    I know there is some worry about prices when sell orders come in but I see it the other way....
    Sell queue's will be removed pushing prices up. Seller's can then just list at a price they want leading to tighter spreads. It also stop's buyers needing to leave cash sat in bids which means funds are actually in the market rather than tied up in bids. If traders dont give in to excepting low ball bids buyers have no choice but to accept a sell order or buy from market.

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