Ligue 1 Picks for this season

  • I have had a few requests for my investment recommendations for the upcoming restart in France so here they are, please feel free to add to these as you wish. The list comes with two caveats you need to be aware of:

    The IS price per player taken as of 16.8.2020 is a more accurate reflection of any players market value IMO and is key to my decisions.
    These are season long holds minimum.

    In no particular order:

    Adrien Hunou - Rennes - IS 41p
    Keylor Navas - PSG - IS 50p
    Mauro Icardi - PSG - IS £1.40p
    Leo Dubois - Lyon - IS 49p
    Santamaria - Angers - IS 45p
    Terrier - Rennes - IS 87p

    If you work on a ££'s per Dividend League as I do then if i was investing £1000 in France Ligue 1 this is my list. The list has one main consideration for the Euros in 2021. Something I would advise you cover elsewhere in your portfolio. So you can see why I have picked these 6 players, here a few thoughts on them:

    PSG Dominate Ligue 1. IMO per pound of investment and with the current in play returns Icardi is a must have, he is roughly 8 times cheaper than Mbappe!! Navas is a no branier for PSG. Be aware GK returns will not be seen until the Premier League returns.

    Rennes - Hunou and Terrier. Terrier is my main pick for future growth in this league. Both players have Champions League for 20/21 and I think both can shine. My prediction is Hunou Buy Now is .60p come May 2021 with Terrier at 1.05.

    Santamaria - This is an emotional investment. I love this guy and he is wasted at Angers IMO. He is a holding midfielder. Deserves a move to be a bigger club and I think he will get it, hence the hold. With Corona affecting market capital in football this year I doubt he will move this year, more likely next. Good baseline and a lot of potential in this and future windows I feel.

    Dubois - Hugely underrated part of the Lyon team. He is 25, good baseline stats and is at a great price. Come May 2021 if he was not at .70p per share I would be disappointed.

    That's all folks

  • I hold Santamaria and Dubois, too. High hopes for them both.

    My other main holds in France are...

    Adrien Thomasson
    Irvin Cardona
    Wylan Cyprien
    Alex Oukidja (GK)
    Angelo Fulgini

    I think all have the potential to earn cap app, if not some PB divs this year. With the enhanced IPDs in play, I have been picking them up reasonably cheaply lately.

  • I also hold Dubois and rave about him all the time 🤣.

    I’m also hoping for big things from Cornet and Terrier is on my watch list but not got the funds currently, his move should suit him well.

    But my main man for cleaning up is Neymar ❤️

  • @PrideofPools What did you buy into Fullgini at may I ask? A very good hold IMO.

  • @Sav2000 Cornets Man City performance has done him wonders for European opinion. He is a £2 plus player all day.

  • @FI_Yoda he has his issues did go missing in games but over lock down the coach has him focusing as a wing back instead of a winger. Hopefully gets reclassified as a defender at some point, got goal and assists in him and likes to take on a man (not always successful I might add) but with the current ME price he’s a bargain. Hold 300 myself

  • @PrideofPools said in Ligue 1 Picks for this season:

    I hold Santamaria and Dubois, too. High hopes for them both.

    My other main holds in France are...

    Adrien Thomasson
    Irvin Cardona
    Wylan Cyprien
    Alex Oukidja (GK)
    Angelo Fulgini

    I think all have the potential to earn cap app, if not some PB divs this year. With the enhanced IPDs in play, I have been picking them up reasonably cheaply lately.

    What’s the deal with Cyprien? I did a bit of research and it seems like Nice are trying to sell him?

  • @FI_Yoda loads of that OP I could have written myself 👍. Most of all the points about Icardi Terrier and Dubois.

    I think Icardj will score goals for fun at PSG. Hes gonna need at least a brace to beat Neymar to PB but he'll score them often enough so I think hes maybe the value pick of the PSG forwards, given the amount of footy Neymar misses.

    Terrier has the CL, and hopefully Rennes are the type of team who will end up dropping down to the EL. Very under priced fir me, and Dubois ive already said quite a lot about. Undoubtedly rusty in recent games, but coming back from a long injury. Once he finds his feet again hes gonna be a very decent PB player with the Euros to come as well.

    I've just loaded back up on Aouchiche who makes his debut for St Etienne on friday. Hoping the hype train will leave the station, bringing him more in line with somebody like Camavinga or even Fati

  • @FI_Yoda I have him at an average of 60p.

  • @Richio

    They promised him a move if he hung around last season. I have heard Sevilla mentioned, which would be a superb move in my opinion.

  • @Richio apparently there were offers in January but the persuaded him to stay until the end of the season, the issue is does anyone have the money to buy...

  • I have a few Ligue One players from the Champions League IPDs which I'm considering holding.

    Depay will obviously start but I also have Dembele and whilst he was an absolute hero at the weekend, will his 2 goals have won his place back in the team? Or will he remain third choice forward or even be sold (which would be good for holders)?

    I also picked up Sarabia pretty cheap hoping he'd do something against Atlanta. I see him pop up with some goals in the cup but I regret signing him as unless there's an injury I doubt he'll get much game time.

  • @howsthebacon I'm holding 300 Sarabia - bought on a 'dip' at £1.29 after a few injuries to the PSG frontline.

    He was a really good PB hold at Sevilla but facing so much competition for game-time - i'm pretty confident I can exit somewhere near his current buy price off the back of a few IPDs early season.

  • @Chris-J that was my hope, whenever I looked at PSG last year they seemed to be rotating their front line every so often but that may have been due to injuries.

    Hoping Dembele's goals will at least earn him some starts in the league but if not he surely will want to be moving on and starting somewhere, he's a great striker - is the guy that took his place that good? Or has Dembele just been off the boil towards the end of last season?

  • @howsthebacon Dembele starts pretty much every game - I think it was just a rare tactical decision to start Toko-Ekambi, probably better with his back to goal than Dembele who tends to make runs in behind.

  • @Chris-J Don't fancy them in the semi but if they pull of an upset I imagine him and Memphis will be involved. Happy to hold for the French league starting.

  • @howsthebacon Depay was tearing up PB in the league before his ACL; Lyon and PSG being the big two get more Friday night games than other teams. If he scores he’s always in with a chance to win a bronze day, also will be at the Euros next summer.

  • @Sav2000 yeah not worried about Depay, was just curious about Dembele. Surely they have to start him against Munich right? If not it'll be a straight up Poch move when he dropped Moura for the final!

  • @MickTurbo

    Terrier has been changed to a forward... Just market bought some more

  • 20200817_114047.jpg

    Not saying hes gonna win, not even tipping him, but I've just spotted this and it got me excited on a day where I've got no PB involvement. Also hold 800 Rongier which is maybe a more realistic, but less spectacular outcome

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