Year In the Championship

  • How much does a year outside of the PB league affect a player's value? I bought a few relegated players expecting them to move and I still hold out hope that they will but if it doesn't materialise, I'm assuming their current value represents the potential of a transfer already so if they drop out of the PB leagues, is it going to be a long hold until I can ever see them rediscover their original value?

  • Spread will become massive once the rumours are dead. Then dead money for a year basically.
    I have a couple of players too but plenty of time left as transfer business not really started yet.

  • I'm in the same position on a few players.

    Previously users have been happy to buy players in any league - I can't see that being the case any more.

    Players over the age of 25 in non-PB leagues will suffer the most from the bidding system - i'd be tempted to take any offer available before bids disappear completely when the transfer window closes.

    Younger highly rated players should still get plenty of bids as hype will always generate demand.

    All players are in different situations though - who do you hold out of interest?

  • I only had David Brooks in this situation - took 1.85 over a few days which was a 0.15 loss per share but reinvested and made it back. If there are decent-ish bids that you can get out on I'd take them now personally. Can always re-buy at a later date, probably a significant amount cheaper if they remain in a non-PB league.

  • I don't have a great deal of money invested as they were my early day buys (which I mostly regret now but I'm being a lot smarter now). Also baring in mind I wasn't very well versed in the ME and definitely overpaid on a lot of my initial buys.

    I've got some Cantwell shares and the rumours on him seem to be quieting - probably should've factored in he's a local lad and would maybe give Norwich one more year. However, every chance he'll still move or even do a Grealish and develop better as a big fish at Norwich for a year in the Championships rather than on the bench for a big team.

    I also hold King and Wilson who are constantly being linked to moves to Prem teams so no real concern there and I think that's it.

  • @Highfields96 I think as I've just recently took a hit on a few players so considering being patient. No need to worry about King and Wilson I don't think but Cantwell looks likely to remain at Norwich but watching him last season I have no doubt he'll be in the Prem at some point in the next few years.

  • @howsthebacon I obviously have no concrete knowledge here but based on that fact Norwich have signed Sinani and Placheta who are both wingers, and also brought in Kieran Dowell permanently from Everton I suspect Cantwell might move. All calculated guess work here though.

    Like you say if he doesn't move then he is very likely to within the 3 year hold period.

  • @howsthebacon Yea I wouldn't worry too much about those 3 - all proven at PL level and if they don't transfer this window, they will probably perform well in the championship and get links again in January.

  • @howsthebacon yep, don't worry about them. I saw Bournemouth sell Ake to City for 40m and now they sold Ramsdale for 18.5m - I'm thinking Brooks might stay there for another year (he's had a few injuries).

    Pleased I got out, but the players you have are more likely to move imo.

  • @CptMorgan I posted a thread a few days ago asking if any Norfolk locals had any inside knowledge, where were you then!? haha ;)

    To be fair, he is a Prem style player - if anything he could have a mediocre season in the Championship and Norwich have missed out on potentially bringing in around 20-30m so it might be in their best interest to sell.

    Where would he go though? That's my only concern, the teams that could afford him don't seem to be looking for a player like him but there are about 10 or so teams that would kill for a player like him but do they have 20-30m to spare (my club Newcastle being one of them). West Ham would be my tip but having just signed Bowen, it's unlikely.

    Palace maybe? If Zaha goes. Seen rumours of Villa too but I'd imagine that's as a plan B if Grealish goes.

  • @howsthebacon I'm Leicester so kept my head down lol. Paid closer attention to Norwich in the close season because we've had links to Cantwell, Buendia and Lewis (probably some wild newspaper spec here tbf) so just been curious to see what they do.

    I've seen Cantwell with links to Spurs, United, Leicester, Newcastle and Villa. The latter three more likely than the first two I'd suspect. Think he's worth sitting tight with as there's too many consistent rumblings on this one.

  • @CptMorgan not much when you google him though but I've seen mentions in local rags. I would write off any chance of us signing Cantwell, since the 'takeover' fell through Ashley has said 30m plus any money raised through sales. Based on the fact nobody wants to buy any of our players and we are looking at Calum Wilson, I doubt Cantwell will sign. Our priorities lie with strikers and a defensive mid I think.

  • @howsthebacon said in Year In the Championship:

    @CptMorgan I posted a thread a few days ago asking if any Norfolk locals had any inside knowledge, where were you then!? haha ;)

    I meant to reply to that post but forgot lol. I think one of the things I've realised after my time on FI is that despite being a Norwich fan from Norfolk, I'm actually just as clueless as most when it comes to Norwich advice. What I would say is I think we'll just sell whoever gets the best offer- like @CptMorgan said we've already signed the players to replace them, so I think it's just a matter of who gets us the most money.

  • @Notanyoldnewuser could he possibly even go abroad? Not heard any mentions of it but seems like a player who could definitely thrive in the Bundesliga maybe?

    I consider myself pretty clued up on NUFC matters, mainly because I follow so many bloody Facebook groups, Instagram pages etc and have a load of mates involved in the club. I can't escape it so if we're even the slightest bit linked to a player, it's hammered on social media and done to death.

    Most of the stuff you read in papers is bollocks unless it's related to United or a top club. NUFC seemed to have gone about their business quite secretly recently, ASM and Joelinton sort of came out of nowhere this summer.

  • @howsthebacon Cantwell? I can't see it personally, but then again half our squad is German so it might not be that much of a change. Also would you believe it but I don't actually know Cantwell personally so I don't know if it's something he'd be up for. I'm a bit worried that Cantwell has become too much of a social media guy- don't know if that lends itself to the culture of foreign countries too well.

  • @Notanyoldnewuser wasn't suggesting you knew him, just thought you'd know his style of play and personality better than me - which you seem to as you made a good point about his social media presence ;) - cheers for the info though.

  • @howsthebacon yeah i know was basically just trying to say that I don't really have a clue. Don't hold me on the social media stuff either, I could well be wrong on that.

  • @howsthebacon any reason why you hold Cantwell over buendia?

  • @Notanyoldnewuser haha, sorry just came across sarcy in the way I read it.

    With Cantwell being younger and British, I thought he'd be the one the clubs come in for when you went down. Buendia definitely seemed to be the more consistent and creative of the two but Cantwell had some big games in the televised matches and scored a lot more. Buendia only got the 1 didn't he?

    Buendia I saw going to a newly promoted team or a bottom half team but maybe I've misjudged it with Cantwell.

  • @howsthebacon nah that's fair enough, just seen Norwich are gonna get Oliver Skipp on loan, only a matter of time before we start offloading players I would've thought.

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