Primary or secondary sources?

  • I have recently started taking FI seriously, after a few months of trading off and on. One thing I have noticed is that I am very often fractionally off the pace when it comes to reacting to news. This means I am buying players very shortly before they plateau, reducing scope for profit.

    Is this because I am relying on secondary sources (ie meta-rumour websites which pull together rumours from other websites)?

    For your news, do you go primary or secondary? Also, any good websites to follow would be helpful (currently using BBC Gossip and Team Feed).

  • @Braveheart tweeting is the instant info

  • @Braveheart Cant be arsed to follow it all the time, so I find players Like Cazorla, Sancho, that have a real chance of big rises.

  • I wouldn't think BBC are the quickest off the blocks (they prefer waiting for the facts) but if you use the MEDIA BUZZ linked websites like Express, Mail, Star, Independent, Metro, Football 365, Goal then in theory you should be getting the same news sources as FI...

    For transfer gossip though I think the LIVE feeds are best... Sky Sports probably do the best one (for England) and I use Marca which is really good for daily gossip on Spanish/European players...

    There's a few websites like soccerway and which i like for stats and news and really like the average ratings on which tells you who's playing well over the month or season... anyone rating well (and available) in their respective leagues for example would always attract transfer speculation so getting in on someone early just by their performances can see you get in even faster than the papers can write their names!!!

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