Aleksey Miranchuk

  • Just seen some links to Atalanta and AC Milan and wondered what you guys think a move will do to his price in the current climate.

  • I have taken a punt on him (200 shares). I would probably buy more if the move to Atlanta were confirmed as he seems PB friendly judging by his stats in Russia. I would say there his value would be similar to Pasalic/Malinvoksy - who themselves are somewhat stifled in value by the Gomez/Illic. At Milan it is hard to say, probably hit a quid easy enough and settle near to Bennacer, but hard to compete with Hakan it seems.

    Glad to hear you got you EDD sorted by the way

  • @Baydog thanks bud. I think £1 too if he moves, not the biggest profit to be made but some juice in the price. Scored a lovely goal last night

  • I think it's a risky one, you're probably paying about 75p for him at the moment. If he moves then you'll probably make about 25p per player. If he doesn't move though I can see you being stuck with him long term as I could very well see the buy offers drying up. He's young so he might move eventually, but there are also plenty of players who see out their whole careers in Russia.

    Risking 75p to win 25p seems a bit of a risk.

  • @GDS

    Yeah it's very advisable to buy on the transfer I think - if he doesn't move then his spread will be big until the CL / Euros.. For me I'm not looking at flipping, if he goes to Atalanta I'd see him as a very good prospect.. He scored 16 and assisted 5 in all comps last season from midfield, including two goals in 4 in the Champions league.. 5 in 25 for Russia. On Whoscored his strengths are passing, holding on to the ball, key passes, direct free kicks and dribbling. I'd fancy him to his £1.30 if he moves to Atalanta, so there is upwards of 60% CA in there with the right move. Long old hold if he doesn't move

  • @Baydog

    Oh yeah if you can get him at less than £1 after the move completes it's definitely worthwhile.

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