Jonas Omlin

  • Can't be a pump as hes not even on the index!

    Seems silly that now GK are the hot property not all first choice goal keepers are in the game! But I guess FI are waiting to do a IPO when his price can be listed as crazy, bet they look for 75p-1.00.

  • If they had every player from every league, a lot of them would be useless. I imagine now that he's moved to Montpeiller he'll be added. May need to have some patience though as aren't usually very quick on these type of things.

  • He's been a starting Goal Keeper in the europa league last season so not really someone who is useless!

    I understand the irrelevance of some youth player for Ipswich not being added but when hes been playing in europe so should getting PB he is sorta relivent!

  • @CTFi642 he’s just signed for Montpellier and is fairly solid shame he’s not on the index or I’d be having 100-200 for sure

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