loan players returning to parent clubs ...

  • Evening folks,

    I'm interested to hear the forums thoughts about the value in loan players returning to parent clubs. I can think of a handful of players at the moment, and if they are given a chance at the parent club, I can only see their value increasing dramatically ...

    Guedes returning to PSG
    Gnabry returning to Bayern Munich
    Van Ginkel returning to Chelsea
    Zouma returning to Chelsea

    If you guys know of anymore, let me know!


  • Origi and Sturridge going back to Liverpool

  • The big one has to be James Rodriguez returning to Real. Will he go or will he stay?

    I agree with your point but wonder if some of the theoretical increase is already priced in? Gnabry for example has been rising steadily for a few weeks now.

  • @playingcards1 has James not been sent there on a two year loan? And this is year one?

  • Terence Kongolo!!!! On loan from Monaco at Huddersfield Town, the guy is on another level

  • Cabella might be an interesting one, don't think St. Etienne have a buying option. He is in excellent form so if he goes back to Marseille and gets in the team he will be playing in Europe next season, or his form may start some transfer rumours.

    Full disclosure, I do have some as his recent PB scores have been immense!!!

  • Thanks guys, keep em coming ... I completely forgot about James at bayern. I don't know much about Kongolo, other than I used to sign him in footie manager and he was quality!! Origi has improved, but I think sturridge is on the long slide towards obscurity (at least he still gets free subway sandwiches).

    What about Patrick Roberts at Celtic, do you think he will ever get a chance at Man City ... I think he's about 60p a share. He was once thought of as the 'next big thing'. But maybe the SPL is as good as it gets for him!

  • Like where you coming with this and thinking out of the box, only thing i would say is your looking at what nearly 4-5 months to start of next season, then they have to probably sit on a bench for up to another 4-5 months to get there chance, unless you have your eye on someone that over performed at there loan club and would slip straight in to a gap where an old player maybe left at there parent club, I would suggest your cash would be very stagnating. IMO

  • Mitrovic based on form may be interesting. Is Mason Mount due back at Chelsea any time soon? Loftus-Cheek is a shout too.

  • Niang heading back to AC Milan from Torino is an interesting one. Think in all probability a move in the offing..

  • Fosu-Mensah back to Man united

  • @SMacFI I don't think that will happen to kenedy if Chelsea want him back I feel safe with him either way! I hope he stays with Benitez

  • @John-Renwick said in loan players returning to parent clubs ...:

    @playingcards1 has James not been sent there on a two year loan? And this is year one?

    Yes my bad; you're right. There is some gossip about Real recalling him but his loan otherwise expires in 2019.

  • @johnboywalker Was going to say Patrick Roberts, I hold a few, has had a tough season this year with injuries, the problem is that City have such a strong midfield already that I'm not sure he'll break through, however a loan / move to an EPL team should see his price shoot up. Young, English and until this injury filled season a good scoring record (definitely worth a watch on youtube)

    I would say that if anyone chooses to invest in young players returning to parent clubs you'll need to keep an eye on them over the summer as a loan move outside the top 5 will see their price drop back down.

  • Gnabry back to Bayern intrigues me the most... I invested in only a small number back at 0.90 on the news that he was tipped to be lined up as Robben & Ribery's replacement and since his form has improved with regular goals... His value surged enough for me to get out at a nice profit but part of me is a little gutted i didn't hold....

    Be interested to see if he gets on the WC plane and to see if he can break through in to the Bayern team as no doubt he's a talented outlet that perhaps Arsenal should of had more patience with??

  • @dannypea if he starts the season on the bench his value could drop enough to make him good value again. You could get back on.

  • @John-Renwick yeah that was my thinking,... I weighed up how high he could go but that was before he scored five goals in his last 4 games and i got out a bit prematurely..... Now with his recent performances at Hoffenheim I think by the time he's moved back to Bayern he could reach 2.00 (especially if he does get a call up for the WC) but that may again fall to below his value now if he doesn't get the game time he now needs.

    Certainly a player (perhaps like Coman) who I think will rise long term so even if in a year or two down the line i'm jumping back on at £2 or £3 he's still young enough and (potentially) good enough to keep going higher still.

  • Michy Batshuayi back to Chelsea, with Conte potentially moving on and Morata being inconsistent, who knows?

  • @Mazza-magic said in loan players returning to parent clubs ...:

    @SMacFI I don't think that will happen to kenedy if Chelsea want him back I feel safe with him either way! I hope he stays with Benitez

    No dont get me wrong there will be a couple of exceptions to that

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