does it concern you

  • does it not concern you that nearly every player has gone down since the me came in and the only way they can go down if they are put up on the market

  • Wow another thread as if there aren’t enough on this subject!

  • yes, can i do anything about it ? no, hang tight it'll be reet

  • Nope its gonna be pushed down way farther when the sell side gets introduced as people keep undercutting each other.

  • I acknowledge this thread and point you to every reply given on the dozen others started this week 👍

  • Well played @Sav2000. New User, prices are steady - spreads widen and tighten like in any market currently usually based on demand.

    There is so much information on this, you can literally pick a number of users who will explain your concerns in most of the threads over the last week.

    I understand it’s concerning, but sit tight, things will improve and in some cases have improved already.

  • you lot are living in a dream would if the price of all the players have gone down this much there must be millions of share on the market with no chance of being sold as the only way they can go down is if there on the market

  • @NewUser130968 Yes you’re right that is the case at the moment. FI are making some changes shortly though that hopefully changes all of that. If they don’t get it right then I will be very worried.

  • @NewUser607503 said in does it concern you:

    Nope its gonna be pushed down way farther when the sell side gets introduced as people keep undercutting each other.

    Only if no one ever buys again. If people buy the number of players for sale goes down and prices go up.

    Consider the cause and effect not just what the sellers do, you have to consider what a sellers actions have on the buyer aswell

  • @NewUser130968 ..There is a worldwide pandemic currently playing out..nearly every country in the world is heading for recession, football is going through a crisis never seen before and we are currently at the end of all-season competitions while we are waiting for the new seasons to start.

    FI has given you a roadmap of changes that have yet to be implemented so not sure what you don't understand..

    Why not trade your way through this period as I am sure there will be loads of people pissing and moaning when prices are too high after the market rebounds

    If all the doom and gloomers are right then FI is finished as a product so you are better off selling up now if you are that worried, especially if you think other traders are "living in a dream world"

  • @Karl

    Well said karl

  • @NewUser130968

    'new user' LOL

    come out from under the bed

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