Dividends Payouts

  • Hi Folks,
    Relatively new to FI so just getting my head around the dividend system. If someone can just confirm I have this right I would appreciate it..
    When you buy shares..
    For the first 30 days you get in play dividends
    After that if you keep the shares you only get a dividend if the player is in team of the month or top defender/ midfielder or striker on a match day?

    If that's right and say you want to renew in play dividends would you have to buy exactly the same number of shares in the player that you bought first time round?

  • @NewUser264129 you are correct regarding play outs but also you have media as well.

    As for recycling shares, all new shares purchased get their own 30 days for IPDs and when you sell shares the oldest sell first; hope that helps.

    Also change your user name so we know who were talking too 😁

  • How does the recycling work? This isn't something I've considered - I was just under the impression you'd have to buy a whole load of new shares, is there an official way it happens?

  • @NewUser264129 Sav is right, although I'd get used to how everything works before thinking about renewing IPDs, even at the current 5x IPD rate its difficult to do without losing money if you don't know what you're doing!😁

  • @Sav2000 Thanks for that.. Username changed as well...)

  • @NewUser264129 Almost but not quite.

    You don't need to buy exactly the same number of shares as the first time round. So, if you bought 10 shares in player X on 1st of month, and 6 shares on the 2nd of the same month 10 shares would expire after 30 days, leaving 6 available for IPD if he is playing a match the day after the first 10 expire.

    You are right about the TOTM and Top Def, Mid and Fwd.

    Hope this helps

  • @Marksandygill Yeah I need to understood more about that.. I am just getting a feel for it at the moment.

  • @Kipper72 Okay thanks.. I was pretty much there but thanks for explaining the IPD expiry / renewals

  • @Yamyam50 No worries.

    To clarify you don't have to buy shares every month either.

    For example, You own 50 shares in Messi but haven't bought any more for 5 months. You decide to buy 10 shares in him as he has a run of 5 easy games in the next 30 days.

    10 of your shares are eligible for IPD

    60 are eligible for all other payouts.

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