Insider Trading - Agents or Players

  • what is there to stop insider trading on this platform?

    I'm not saying it is happening or even if it does it is widespread..........

  • EDD and transfers not always leading to an increase in price I would say.

    Bank statement from Mino Raiola might be a red flag(you'd hope). With transfers, you'd need it to be a massive shock to everyone (Robinho to City, Tevez and Mascherano to West Ham).

    Am guessing with social media, it's pretty hard to keep these things quiet now and sometimes Transferking14527944 might have posted something made up as a done deal, and might just have got lucky that it's happening. Most price increases happen on the rumour, not on the actual signing.

    Most players have a move factored into their price(Bellingham, Sancho, Cherki, previously João Felix) so you'd also need some knowledge and time on your hands.

    I think for agents it just wouldn't be worth it given they already get paid significant sums of commission for essentially pimping

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