Emerson Palmieri (Chelsea LB/Wing back) - bit of a pump!

  • For transparency I hold but cannot see why his price is so low currently. Can pick him up for about 66p on the ME.

    Lampard doesn't want him and Inter look set to sign him shortly. Surely being bought to replace Ashley Young who is now 35. Conte likes his full backs to play high and being a converted winger will be perfect for Emerson. Does need to add goals to his game but with regular minutes and a good run in the side I can see this happening, along with assists.

    Also has the bonus of playing for one of the top two in Italy (if he signs), playing Champions League and is currently the starting left back for Italy with the Euros and WC upcoming.

    Not sure if he's just been overlooked or he's being avoided cos of something I haven't taken into account.

    But 66p ffs.

  • Nope I think you've just about covered it. I've 600 futures in him myself as I can see value in his near term FI future improving. It's equivalent to shopping in the bargain bucket in a charity shop - the price couldn't realistically go much lower. That and considering all you've mentioned I'd say..."Fill your boots" lol

  • Azpilicueta, I know he's 30 but he played 43 games last season and got 12p in divs, you can pick him up for about 27p...maybe it's just Chelsea...

  • I’m on board Emerson as well. Been on for a while now and whilst I’ve got limited stocks of patience with a lot of my portfolio at the moment, but he is one I am confident is worth a good deal more than his current price.

  • @Marksandygill Emerson is more of an attacking threat when he's in the right mood. Hopefully the move to Inter will kick start his game...he can be dangerous in an attacking sense imo.

  • @JonesyFI-WH
    I really don't see why people moan about someone being so cheap who they hold who they believe are vaule, surley you should be bidding at that in price to buy more as you clearly think he is better vaule that 60 off pence

    Or you don't think he is vaule and you wanna sell and the current is price is not what u want and you have come to vent your furstation

  • @R2d2 yeah I can see what you're saying but that's not the case with me here. I have about 50 players in my port and am happy with the amount of shares i have in Emerson, plus I don't have any more cash to put in right now even if i did want to purchase more.

    Not gonna lie and say it wouldn't be nice to see a little rise in him though.

  • His injury record is terrible

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