If you could only have one Premium hold...

  • Who would it be and why?

    Would prefer to do a poll but don't know how to, anyone have an idea?

  • @Meridismo04 Currently? Neymar

  • @Black-Wolf

    Yes currently.

  • @Meridismo04 said in If you could only have one Premium hold...:

    Who would it be and why?

    Would prefer to do a poll but don't know how to, anyone have an idea?

    For me, from a PB perspective, it has to be Joshua Kimmich. Set piece taker and creative starting point for almost every Bayern attack. Hansi Flick is building something special in Munich and Kimmich is pivotal to that. Plays 90 mins almost every match and is also first choice for the German national side.

    A contender for PB most weeks and pretty much a guarantee to be in the top 10 midfielders for team of the month, every month.

    Also, he wouldn't be negatively effected by a positional change as we all know how well he previously performed as a defender.

    As steady as they come, I see Kimmich as one of the safest holds during these uncertain times.

    The only real way to make money on the platform at the minute is via dividends, which makes Kimmich an essential hold.

    Lastly, Kimmich currently has a sell queue depth of 64p ... all it will take is a couple more PB wins and folks will remove him from the sell queue and get him back to his price of £5.77, which he achieved in early July 2020 following the 'Team of the Month' announcement. 🤔🤑👍

  • Neymar 100%

  • Cant really disagree with either of those pit forward. I hold Kimmich but not Neymar and am happy for it to be that way. Interestingly though, the 2 mentioned must have been 2 of the most frustrating players to hold over the last year.

    Neymar is a PB freak but misses too much footy and Kimmich has been a 2nd place machine. If both can address these frustrations, then both could be the most rewarding holds around. I'd probably struggle to pick another premium that I think is better value. Maybe Pog, once hes back in the headlines, which are seldom too far away

  • It's a tough call between Neymar, Kimmich and De Bruyne

    Taking age out of it I'd go for De Bruyne, second only in PB divs to Messi this season!

  • I've held Kimmich for a long time and his scores have always been excellent, but he regularly comes 2nd or 3rd as someone always beats him to it! However, he's almost guaranteed TOTM and with a bit more luck he could get a big boost in dividends.

    Neymar does great when he plays, but he misses half the games every season.

    I do have plenty of Kimmich & De Bruyne and I can only see the dividends coming in for those. Overall, though, if it was one hold now I'd still pick Messi as he very rarely gets injured and consistently scores very high scores and at a very low price at the moment.

    The other option is Bruno Fernandes. He's the best United midfielder by far, consistently gets high scores and media attention.

  • Interesting to see no mention of Kylian Mbappe...

  • @Meridismo04 Neymar steals the precious PB...

  • @Meridismo04 said in If you could only have one Premium hold...:

    Interesting to see no mention of Kylian Mbappe...

    Or Sancho

  • I have Kimmich so bias there but I was planning on picking up Pogba - the only thing swaying me off him is an exit point i.e I'm not sure just how much money is in him. Bloke needs to go for a haircut or maybe we just need Souness to say something controversial about him.

    He should be there or thereabouts during the Media Madness but not sure I just want to hold for 6 weeks.

  • @Highfields96 exit point is the Euros for me always was so just holding him 12 months longer than planned 🤣.

    New contract talks during media madness to look forward too as well

  • I agree @Sav2000 - I think he's a must have during the media madness. Could he pick up the occasional PB from deeper next season? Probably over-analysing this one, the current spread is so appealing.

  • I hold Neymar,Kimmich,De Bruyne and Bruno

    I think De Bruyne is by far the best player in prem and even if I just make my money back on him it will be an enjoyable hold.

    Kimmich just shades it for me as he has added bonus of being involved in Euros hopefully and plays more regularly than Neymar.

    If Neymar stays fit I would love to eat my words in 12 months time 🙂.

  • I don't hold anyone above £5 at the moment, but if I did get involved again, I'd probably consider Bruno Fernandes or Harry Kane.

  • @Highfields96 he wouldn’t be my choice if I could only hold 1; but I couldn’t pick just one I like to spread the chance of dividends each day.

    So I have Neymar, Bruno, Pogba, Kane and TAA

  • With the leagues starting up soon, I ideally want to hold 2/3 premium holds within my steady dividends group. With maybe five or six others who aren't quite premium but expensive.

    Thinking Neymar, Sterling, Bruno
    With Messi, Martinez, Lewandowski, Gnabry, Depay, De Ligt helping out.

    Don't any Bruno atm though so it's either going to take some more investment on payday (it's also my girlfriend's birthday though - ouch) or managing to offload some Jimenez and Mitrovic shares that I have a bit too much locked up in.

  • I realise I didn't answer the question though...so if I had to pick one based purely on what I've seen so far it'd be Neymar, media buzz around a potential move now along with the French league starting early. Over the course of the season thought probably Bruno - but could see a bit of the ol' second season syndrome with him.

  • As a newbie, I quite like this thread some of the names I've gone for in my early days here are mentioned, such as Neymar, Bruno, Messi, Pogba, etc. Smaller amounts I'm sure compared to many but good to know I'm on the right lines.

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