Lucas Hernandez and Jose Gimenez

  • Surprised at how cheap these two players are. They play for the best defence in Europe, are 22 and 23 respectively and will be playing for their national teams for years to come. Just purchased 50 futures each as they are currently a lot cheaper than they were a few weeks back.

  • I think Giminez will be a great purchase for you. Think he'll rise in price between now and the end of the summer.

  • Just bought Gimenez myself there from the money I made on selling Dabbur.
    22 futures in Dabbur sold do got 10 in Gimenez.

  • Gimenez was injured and his price dropped. Agree I would expect to rise now. I hold some too

  • jumped on Giminez when he was around 70p...linked with big clubs and will feature at the World Cup as well.

  • All I can say is that I did give everyone a heads up. A nice £18 won on my 150 Hernandez shares tonight. Can’t believe he is still so cheap.

  • @NewUser128630

    Nobody likes a smart arse.

    Although, in your favour, koscielni got injured tonight and is out of the world cup, so Lucas might get a place alongside Varane ... Hmmmm.

  • Gimenez had a significant drop during the game.
    You wanting credit for that as well?
    He has recovered somewhat however

  • @Comrade I’ll take credit for Gimenez in due time. Cheers.

  • @NewUser128630

    I've watched Gimenez on several occasions over the past 2 seasons. During one match, he was moved over to the right wingback position (I can't remember why) and I've honestly never seen a player so out of their depth. He refused to dribble with the ball, and basically made the right hand Side of atletico redundant.

    He's the Uruguayan Richard Dunne.

    Yes, he is a decent centre half if you want a no nonsense defender, but let's look at his stats this season. Only 16 league starts, 1 goal.

    If you want your defenders to win PB, based on the scoring system, they have to do one of these three things ...

    1. Score regularly
    2. Have lots of possession (this is why otamendi wins lots)
    3. Cross alot (dani alves etc)

    Your boy does none of these things.

  • @johnboywalker just saved me typing a longer post.

    When I'm choosing a defenders for PB I look for a club that plays possession football then pick a defender from that club.

    Napoli -Koulibaly/Rui
    City -Otamendi/stones
    Barca - Umtiti/Alba
    PSG - Alves
    Bayern - Hummels/Kimmich
    Real - Ramos/ Marcelo

    In most cases for a defender to get returns they need to play a lot of passes to bump up a score, obviously there will be exceptions but I'm not sure long term investments should be based on an exception like a triple PB day with only 4 teams.

    Gimenez averages only 44 passes a game and has scored 1 in 22. Koulibaly averages 86 passes a game and has scored 5 in 33. Even with athletico getting clean sheets koulibaly still smashes Gimanez on PB everyweek. Most of the other players will also be much higher scorers everyweek, which is why they cost more unfortunately.

  • @Ozzlebert

    I agree with you completely.

    If you want to win the PB, you must understand how it is scored.

    As my good mate Berty Einstein once said ... 'You have to learn the rules of the game ...'

  • Watch Gimenez win the World Cup with Uruguay this summer, scoring the winning goal in the final from right wing, which then seals a transfer to United in a new record transfer for a defender! You heard it here first.

  • @NewUser128630 he's already priced higher than all united defenders (excluding Luke Shaw who doesn't play and has a higher price due to transfer rumours) this is because untied play the wrong type of football for defenders to win PB and dividends drive price.

    He is a very good defender for Athletico, that doesn't make him a good buy on FI or attractive to other clubs.

    Good chance I'm wrong but I doubt he'll be sold this year as athletico will have loads of money from selling Griezmann and won't need to sell anyone else, I also don't see him going to a possesion based team as he isn't good enough on the ball.

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