Hirving Lozano

  • So we all know about this lad, shone for Mexico at the world cup, was tearing it up for PSV and made a big move to Napoli in Serie A.

    Things since then haven't gone to plan and he suffered badly with form, the manager who brought him to the club left and the new guy doesn't fancy him. Napoli has brought in Victor Osimhen and have handed him Lozano's shirt number which indicates that he'll be off in the window despite conflicting reports from Italy.

    Linked with Everton and another link up with Carlo but would he cut it in the premier league if struggled in Italy which is a less competitive than here? Looking at his price he was £1.66 12 months ago (which surely had his pending transfer factored in) but sitting at a pretty low £1.26 at the minute.

    Tempted to get on him at what seems like a very low price in the hope a move to another club happens, but must admit I don't follow Serie A closely so wondered if he only looked good at PSV due to the fact the Dutch league is pretty weak or has he just suffered with lack of confidence following move to new country and Carlo leaving?

  • My concern would be where he goes next. Wouldn’t surprise me if he ended up back in Holland, or in the MLS or Mexican league.

  • Or Portugal, thinking about it.

  • I'm a Lozano holder - I initially bought at a peak price when he moved to Napoli because I thought he'd be a smash it in what has been an exceptional front line for Napoli in recent seasons. He's been frustrating as anything. Done nothing in terms of PB but I'm confident in him longer term. In hindsight poor trading from myself buying at an extreme peak.

    Couple observations on him for my two pence worth - firstly, I think the fact Napoli have had a poor season has not helped him at all. Thankfully they rescued European football with the cup win over Juve. If he stays, they will surely be better and European football affords more opportunities to win divs. Mertens is getting older, Jose Callejon has left the club and Milik is rumoured to be leaving so they should have more pitch time for Lozano despite Oshimen coming in.

    I've been using ME to drag my average price down to £1.31 having held at £1.65 prior to this. I'm hoping does get a move. I think Italy was a poor move for him and I'd like to see him in England or Germany based on his style of play. He's managed by Mino Raiola, still has a lot of justifiable enough hype around him and is young enough for another crack in a PB league. Based on those factors I'd be shocked if he sacked Europe off for Mexico or the US, and surprised even if he was to move to a league like Portugal, Holland etc.

    A frustrating season for him and a stodgy hold for the last year but I think he's far from a lost cause. If you can get on anywhere around £1-1.10 he's worth a punt in my opinion.

  • Cenzig under looks going to napoli as part of the milik deal.

    I think Lozano will go out on loan, the problem they have is he is on big money.

  • I see him going to either the Premier League or the Spanish League if he leaves Napoli. He's a massive name in Mexico and Spanish football is obviously very popular over there so I can see a club signing him just for the profile boost. Same with a Premier League club, probably someone mid table looking to boost their profile over there who have to pay over the odds for an unproven player because they can't attract the big names. Someone like a West Ham or Newcastle.

  • @GDS I'd definitely take him at the Toon but with ASM and Almiron, he isn't really the player we need with our pretty tight transfer budget.

  • @howsthebacon

    I see Almiron as more central, Lozano, ASM and Almiron behind a single striker would be pretty exciting, although not if that striker was Dwight Gayle.

  • @GDS I mean, don't get me wrong we'd find a way of getting him in the team haha! He'd be our best player but the word is that with the takeover not happening (not that it ever was) Bruce only has 30m to play with and we desperately need a striker (talks of Wilson for Gayle/Ritchie plus cash) and some full backs/defensive mid.

    The way we play doesn't account for four out and out attacking players unfortunately, can't see them putting a striker in with Almiron, ASM and someone like Lozano in. Seemed to prefer having Almiron and ASM either side of the forward with three in the middle.

    Gayle can't be the striker surely - got some goals in the restart which should've got him back in the window but he is a Championship striker who would be perfect for any team aiming at promotion - 10m wouldn't be unreasonable price tag - hence why the Wilson deal makes sense for all parties really.

  • @GDS but yeah I prefer Almiron in Rafa's system where he was deeper and starting the counter attacks, he then had Perez and Rondon ahead of him to help out. Now it's just ASM and Almiron bolting up the pitch and no-one else in support. Where Joelinton fits in is anyone's guess. I feel he has been unfairly scapegoated and abused at games but he is still a mystery and a bloody expensive one at that.

  • @GDS looks like we've signed Hendricks on a free (not sure how I feel about it) who should be back up for Hayden and Shelvey :/ so I guess we're not signing another centre mid. That midfield hasn't changed since we were in the Championship and we've just added another player who isn't much of an improvement.

  • @howsthebacon

    Yeah I might have over stated your ambition when I picked Newcastle as a destination.

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