Order Books / Delisting Sell Queues

  • Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone knows how it’s going to work with sell queues when order books are completed? Will they all be delisted? If so then surely the top end will rise loads initially, with current sell queues on Rashford, Bruno etc given their peak price is way above what it is currently ?!

  • @chaps1988 they wont be delisted there will just be a huge list of sell offers all at the current price the are listed at. You will have to delist and relist for a price of your choosing

  • I dont think they will be de-listed. Simply because market buy has to remain an option. As such, market sell will remain viable, therefore the queues should remain untouched.

    The reasons I believe market buy must remain an option are 2 fold. Firstly, it's the easiest form of income on the planet. Second, if nobody wants to sell a player, then without market buy, that player becomes unattainable.

    The only way around this would be to allow holders to list players for sale at above their actual market value.

    For example, if I hold sancho, and I know that ppl can only buy from a holder, then I might list him for £20.

    This would still be a workable market, but I really dont think FI will go down this route

  • @Black-Wolf I know you're much more enlightened than me here. I understand what you are saying, but would you say that what you envisage can go hand in hand with the continuation of market buy, as I have proposed, or do u think market buy will be no more?

  • @MickTurbo market buy will always be there and will work exactly as it does now in the way you only buy new shares from FI when ther is no sell queue in front the only difference is that traders can choose the price the add shares to the sell queue.

    If a player is £1 with no sell and someone lists shares at 99p then the market buy price will appear as 99p. Once they sell market buy is back to £1 and you are buying from FI again.

    The way I envision the OB working is far more similar to the old system than most expect but being able to jump the sell queue will make FI a lot more stable unless theres huge demand for a player.

    There will just be two buttons, buy and sell the prices you see will be the best available and ifno one has shares listed the price will be what FI are offering at either end as newly minted shares or via MM

  • @Black-Wolf yeh cheers.

    So basically, if there are no sell offers, then market buy reverts to a price based on shares in circulation. And when offers are placed, it will basically mirror the sell queue dynamic, with the price dropping penny by penny as ppl undercut?

    I imagine and big drops caused by somebody listing extremely cheaply will quickly be gobbled up so barring these short lived anomalies, its gonna be a familiar dynamic?

  • @MickTurbo yep exactly how i think it will be its the only way i can see it working for both FI and trader. I put a tweet out earlier in the week trying to highlight this by asking FI

    FI will be made to fit a familiar order book system.
    An Order bookwill be made to fit a familiar FI system

    I asked this to make people stop and think about hat this has to work within FI not remake FI to fit and OB

  • Any chance the new system will look like this? Prices with the amounts of shares at that price?


  • @Marksandygill said in Order Books / Delisting Sell Queues:

    Any chance the new system will look like this? Prices with the amounts of shares at that price?


    Would you believe it, I tried to scroll down on that image! I think I need to lay down haha

  • How will we value what our port is worth? Will we see a crazy fluctuation in value or will it work the same?

  • @Marksandygill similar but not exactly because id expect it to be tailored to FI. id expect but this will come with Nasdaq not the sell offers they put in place first.

  • @Millerman

    I suspect that there will be a drop down menu which enables to you 'value' your portfolio either based on:

    • buy bids/price; or
    • sell bids/price.

    FI alluded to this recently in one of their announcements.

    Either way, there will be lot of very unhappy punters on here. Spare a thought for Big Don too, when he realises that his £500k portfolio is only worth somewhere between £300k and £400k!

  • @Millerman they will probably allow us to filter how we value our portfolio ourselves eventually but until then the easiest way would be mid point but id prefer to value it at the most im able to sell for not what i can get instantly

  • @ocs123 He's an intresting character, he trimmed his port down and now holds some serious shares in sancho think it was 60%+ of his whole port last I seen.

    Dudes deffo a gambler lol

  • @Millerman said in Order Books / Delisting Sell Queues:

    How will we value what our port is worth? Will we see a crazy fluctuation in value or will it work the same?

    Surely the true value of your port should be measured as 'the number of shares held x current Sell Price'? The fact the FI default has always displayed this against Buy Price is what may spook holders initially but ports are only worth what someone else is prepared to pay for them?

  • @Royston-Vasey so maybe the mid point is fairer considering not all are sold at IS price some are sold at market price. They could go by the last price a player sold for but this could be volatile, with bids giving the IS price i also think this would give volatile readings and would only succeed in telling you if your port is in demand or not.
    A mid point valuation would be more stable but i still prefer to value my portfolio at the most i could potentially sell for(market sell) because instead of being valued on sentiment its valued on growth

  • @Black-Wolf Agreed at present perhaps, but once OB's are complete, the best Sell Price will represent the most anyone is prepared to pay, hence more reflective of its' true worth....

  • @Royston-Vasey well not really as people will also match the offers side too which will be the market buy price so that would suggest people are still able to sell above IS

  • @Black-Wolf again agreed, assuming spreads diminish significantly when Sell Orders are introduced (presumably through a downward correction in Buy Price) and for holds with sound liquidity. But surely an 'out-of-demand' player (which many of us hold from time to time 🤦‍♂️) whose spread remains wide should be valued prudently at the lower amount, taking the view that port worth equates to the value you could realise if you needed to bail out immediately?

  • It will be interesting to see the psychology effect of full order books initially. Say a player is MB £1 and IS £0.90. When ME2 comes in the MB is likely to rise as traders unlist. Say MB jumps to £1.10. Will sellers need happy to sell at £1 and bidders happy to offer £1 for fear of missing out?

    What about all those not trading. Their ports might seem to be flying. Will they want to inject new funds into this rising market or view it as an opportunity to take profits?

    What happens if all the current bidders with money tied up cancel their bids to become buyers of the newly discounted shares? Will IS disappear for many players? What does that do for confidence?

    Longer term the market will settle and players prices will more accurately reflect the value traders place on them. But the initial jumps/falls and volatility will be interesting to watch.

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