Robertson or Trent?

  • Looking at introducing some long term defensive holds to my port. With Messi (who should stay put tbf), Sterling, Neymar and Fernandes - not sure I want to be splashing out on another 'prime' hold if you will. Is Robertson an equally consistent and more affordable option? He'll get shitloads of assists and clean sheets but of course doesn't compare to Trent in the goalscoring department. Guessing he didn't pick up much PB last year?

    Anyone hold Robertson last season, worth it?

  • Robertson got 7.25% div yield compared to TAA 5.77%, but, TAA would have gotten another 37p in divs if TOTM was around last season, and that's when Kimmich was a defender and taking divs off TAA at the start of the season!!

    Having said that Robertson finished the season better than TAA, but I think that's because Liverpool took their foot off the gas, when TAA plays well, Liverpool play well...

    In short, Trent for me between the two of them! :)

  • @Marksandygill is that factoring in the difference in price and for someone like myself with a Mike Ashley style budget. You can get four and a half Robbos for every Trent.

  • @howsthebacon yes mate, the div yield is compared to their value, technically Virgil was the best performing Liverpool defender as he returned 17.5% of his value!

    indexgain do a free membership that shows the basics of div returns for all the players and other things, it helps me back my bad buys up with hard evidence...:)

  • I've been a long-term drum banger for Robertson. I missed the boat on TAA, but I've had decent cap app on Robertson. It is difficult for him to win divs, up against TAA and VVD, but he's always going to be near winning, and will definitely do so a couple of times a season you would think. So at his price the yield is worth it.

  • Euros are also something to think about going into the new season...

  • In real life not much between them but all day long Trent on FI ... best defender hold on index by a mile. A near banker for regular pb divs and can see mb in future as he becomes a bigger worldwide star. Robbo has to beat him and vvd and unlike Trent and Virgil he ain’t got the International exposure and potential with Scotland either.

  • Robertson for the price over TAA.

    Surprised at the bigger yield on Robertson on @Marksandygill stats, but that's the position I would have gravitated towards without the statistical info anyway 👍 that info just confirmed it.

    The matrix is staying the same for the 20/21 season but with them giving it a free-pass this season it's almost certainly going to change for the following season.

    With the IS back to FI disabled, I wouldn't want to have a £9 defender asset which is an anomaly in football Index terms trying to find a buyer from January onwards as holders get twitchy over such potential changes.

    TAA will post the higher scores & will likely feature in the TOTM more often (as you would expect from someone who's 7 times costlier!) but for me Robertson is the safer bet.

  • @Ericali

    expanding on a suggestion i believe you touched on a while back , how about considering getting the other 3 liverpool defenders +allison instead of TAA - you spread the risk at 2 thirds of the price - Considerably less if you got them even at a mid price on the ME.
    Its not something ive done but would be worth looking at especially if you could get them on the ME.

    Whilst TAA will probably win you more PB divs in the short term there is probably a debate on whether you would actually be better off holding these 4 for the combined Cap App potential / & MB

    Gomez £1.40
    VVD £2.50 (though i would perhaps try and get on ME)
    Robbo £1.38
    Allison £1.53

  • @Advinculas-Index this is what I was thinking as I want to add Alisson anyway. Might be the angle I go for and like Ericali said, something about having a defender at that price feels a bit risky. I'd rather buy expensive shares in attacking players I think and get some bargains at the back. Robertson looks like a bargain and might even get some decent IPD returns for the first few games.

  • @howsthebacon easy mistake to make but remember that defenders don’t get clean sheet dividends, only keepers, just in case that’s part of your thinking

  • @Advinculas-Index
    Not a bad strategy to be fair . I’d leave off Gomez though.
    He has zero attacking set piece threat and as pool fan I’m still not convinced he is set to be vvd Partner for the long term. I always Feel he has the ability to switch off and not aggressive enough for me.
    Big potential but hasn’t won me fully over yet and I’d still start matip over him when fit.

  • @howsthebacon theres nowt wrong with buying an expensive defender per se. They get 10p on a gold day 5p on silver and whatever it is on a bronze day, just like a FWD or MID, but the key point of Ericalis post, for me anyway, is that barring COVID, and barring the sheer necessity of an MB revamp, there would very likely have been a tweak to the PB matrix this summer, designed to level the playing field between centre backs and wing backs.

    The perception is that the previous matrix changes made it very difficult for CBs to compete with WBs. Early last season it was very obvious but for me it's become less pronounced as the season went on, helped by the re-classification to MID of other PB monsters like Kimmich and Hakimi. Nonetheless few would argue that the high rewards for crosses, even unsuccessful ones, is an anomaly that needs ironed out. Had FI done this this summer, on top of COVID, on top of ME and on top of MB revamp, it would have been just too much ul upheaval.

    Therefore, it's a near certainty that this issue will be addressed next summer, meaning that the sell queue on TAA could get real deep real fast as traders aim to milk him for all hes worth before heading for the exit. His price at this juncture probably is justified because of the skewed matrix and because his 2 main competitors, Kimmich and Hakimi are now MIDs, but it's very probable that things are gonna change, and even if they dont, the market will pre-empt it and the time will come when TAA comes to beviewed as a big risk

  • @BMCG

    I must admit i havent given it a great deal of thought in terms of the individual player merits as its not something ive done..yet - its more the overall strategy which could be considered with the odd tweak like you've suggested

  • I need to make a post it note saying defenders don't get clean sheet IPD! Seems a bit unfair but is what it is.

  • @howsthebacon Robertson would get my money. Lower risk and, taking last year as a guide, higher percentage return too.

  • If last season's stats are a deciding factor for you, it is worth considering Robertson's growing influence at set pieces.

    He only started taking corners regularly around Christmas time, and even then was only taking a handful.

    But during project restart, if you look at the breakdown of who took corners it was about 50/50 between Robbo and Trent.

    So I guess I'm saying, the whole-season data could be skewed against Robbo, doesn't tell the whole story (his potential is greater than past performance) if you are considering future potential for asssits...

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