Watchlist not working

  • Is anyone's watchlist not working? Mine has disappeared and I can't even add anyone to it. They have a star next to them in the other screens but my watchlist is blank. Using Chrome

  • I'm the same on android mate. Been like that for weeks ...

  • @Blue-Python it has never worked.

  • @aspfootballindex Mine worked fine until recently. Think it might have been accepting the new t's and c's that broke it. I had so many transfer targets ffs!

  • I had the same issue and asked their support about it. Apparently it's when you delete your "cookies"

  • my watchlist works on different devices... so if on laptop i have anything saved from that... if i read in mobile viewer it is blank.. but if i add a new player to watch in my mobile then it saves on that... likewise with the tablet??? Not sure what the issue is but seems to save ok... but if you open in different browsers you get different saves???

  • @dannypea yeah I'm the same as dannypea. If I add to watchlist on a device it stays on, but only on that device.

  • The watchlist is stored in your browser cookies. So players added in a browser can only be seen from that device. It would make more sense for FI to store each users watchlist to their account rather than their browser.

  • How do you find players in the que or for sale list

  • Not sure if this will work for you - but my Watch list disappeared - for a few months - and no idea why, but thought about 'removing players' from the list...

    I took players out from the Top200 and Squad players where it still showed the stars, and it came back!

    Basically, i had too many players on it!
    It worked for me - and maybe worth a try for you too?!

  • @Jay-Frazz still doesnt work on chrome. It works on Samsungs preinstalled internet though if that helps anyone and will have your full watch list 👌

  • Happened to me several months ago. Was to do with clearing cookies. CS couldn't give me any help on how to fix it.

    Managed to work it out myself and it's been working fine since. Just can't remember what I did.

    Might have been something as simple as logging out and logging back in to the mobile site. I'd always been permanently logged in.

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