• I'd love to hear a reason why he's not in your portfolio?

    I'll kick off with a few reasons why he should be.

    1. In the top 10 of all players in Europen Leagues for volume of accurate passes per game.
    2. No longer has to compete with Kimmich for defender PB
    3. Austrias main man at the the Euros where he generally plays in a more advanced role
    4. Transfer spec

    I'd love to hear a negative because I can't think of a single one at his current price

  • who he goes to...............

  • I should expand, he has turned down a contract so is on his way out and where he ends up will reflect his price.

  • @trig he's holding out for more money & Bayern will more than likley yield to his demands. If they don't then media divs will be incoming & he'll end up at another elite European club. It's win win. He's one of the most undervalued players on the platform IMO

  • He was linked with one of the french sides, cant remember which, Lille maybe. I dont hold but I always say that a quality player going to France is a good thing cos he would be imperious in that league

  • @MickTurbo I dont disagree but if he holding out for money then either Bayern pay up or cut their loses and he will go to the EPL for cash.

  • I do agree however that a £1 he is really good value, I just got my money tied up arghhhh

  • Right now I can't think of many top sides he wouldn't get into! When I was looking at TOTM players I noticed he had a very high average PB...

  • @Marksandygill I take it you own?

    I suspect after the CL final and the media dies down he should be able to be picked up a little cheaper.

  • @trig actually no not yet, which is annoying as he'd have paid back 10% of his value tonight!😆

    might wait until after the final, that high line Bayern play against Neymar and Mbappe...

  • I hold Alaba and he tends to finish 2nd quite a lot for Top Def, so if you are planning to pick him up be prepared to miss out on a few PB wins, this will happen quite a lot when he's competing with Pavard and Davies. If you are not prepared for 2nd place on a gold day then you may end up throwing a wobbly and calling FI a scam.

  • @DillyDong
    Exactly this.
    I’ve held for some time and he’s finished 2nd and 3rd on a number of occasions but that’s to be expected given the defenders who he plays along side.
    However, he’s PB average is very good even with no goal/assist contribution so patience is key with him. Last night was a reward for those patient enough to hold tight.

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