How much money is tied up in Sancho?

  • Don't worry this isnt a real doom and gloom post just a curious question, so I'm sitting here reading threw twitter comments related to FI and I started to see people talking about who holds the most % of their port in sancho, and the numbers where alarming to me lol

    Anyway anyone have a rough idea of how much money is actually in Sancho as a whole?

    I can't be the only one thinking If and when the bubble goes pop thats alot of money that could go into alot of other holds.
    Tbh Im rubbing my hands in glee at the thought of it lol.

  • Id guess around £10m as a whole based on some very crude mathematics which are probably way off beam.

    More pertinent to your comment though would the the amount that would potentially get recyled back into the market should he drop a significant amount which is probably easier to work out.

    Hes currently £14.69
    If we assume the delta for moving up or down a penny is 600 shares (i know this varies but for arguments sake) - Then a sale of 600 shares would - £8814 - Less 2% comm £8637

    if you apply that all the way down to him dropping to the following prices - it would free up the following amounts.

    £14 = £590,440

    £13 = £1,383,946

    £12 = £2,118,652

    £11 = £2,794,558

    £10 = £3,411,664

    But then of course all of the above is based on Market selling which we know isnt going to happen on a player crashing so it would be considerably less than that so perhaps take 25% off those totals for that scenario

  • The problem is for people to sell, others have to buy, which means £millions in new money (unlikely) or a MM willing to put that much into Sancho!

    Personally I wouldn't consider buying until he's around £10, and only if he wasn't going down still!

  • @Advinculas-Index Thank you for doing what Im to lazy to do lol.

    Your brakedown is even more than I could have asked for, your a top man.
    Certainly looks like there is alot of money that im hoping finds it way into some of my holds.

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