handanovic . How long will he play?

  • basically the title says it. i'm interested in buying into Handanovic for next season. The guys 36.
    Does anybody have information on his intentions? Winning a europa cup would seem like a good way to bow out

  • @jonathan-rolfe actually just wrote this on another thread but i reckon hes got another year or 2 as first choice. He just signed a new 2 year contract and hes inters captain so i think hos place is safe for now

  • thanks for the info

  • @jonathan-rolfe sorry he extended his contract by 1year recently but that takes his contract expiry to june 2022

  • @Black-Wolf I was literally going to say, that's what I was finding on the net.

    I currently need the keeper for Marseille, Real Sociedad and Inter. To complete my EL/CL keeper set. But age for 2 of them is a concern and will Rulli be Sociedad's number 1 now that he has returned?

  • @Number5 i bought Mandanda simply because he is so cheap and could return his price in dividends quite easily

  • what about macarthy at southampton. obviously no europe but steady defence

  • @jonathan-rolfe I bought 400 of him few weeks back at 17p. Market sold them all at 27p this week. Along with several other keepers, I has about 70 keepers at one point.

    I thought he was a good one as well, as you said decent defence. But I read they were calling Fraser Forster back from Celtic as well.

    Also I decided to stick to around 30-40 GK for all of the CL and EL teams. I expect there will be those keepers that do well and will rocket then there will be the ones who don't do anything and you will be stuck with. So decided to target the elite ones for now. I still hold a lot of others. But I have left them up for sale, I expect eventually they will sell at market value. Lot of French keepers I made a nice profit this way, this week.

  • @Black-Wolf might just add him and handanovic to my port then. Leaves me with the Sociedad's keeper. You have any idea on that one?

    Also the dilemma between Napoli and Arsenals number 1. I currently hold all 4.

    Rumours of Kepa staying, I added him to my port yesterday too.

  • @Number5 agree on the elite ones. i like handanovic sommer and wprobably strakosha at lazio. Am i getting on too late? bought kamara the other day and sold up for a few pence. probably should have kept though. The question is whether they are still a good investment after rises. i find it hard to judge with keepers

  • @jonathan-rolfe I have Sommer and Strakosha and keeping both of them as they are both in Europe.

    I don't think it is too late, seems the main keepers that have rocketed this week are the French ones. Best to get into them and all the others you are after asap though, seems the next surge is around the corner.

    I don't really know much about Kamara, I haven't owned him.

    I missed the inital rises after the announcement, but even then some of my keepers are on the way to doubling my average buy price.

    I made the mistake on Monday to IS some keepers I had made a profit to free up funds to go into players which people are selling off i.e. Rashford, Kane, Pepe, Salah etc at low bids. But after seeing then Market sell now, I have left the ones I don't want for sale. When they sell, they sell, otherwise no harm in holding.

    E.g. Lopes after the game Market sold for 11p per share profit. I was debating to IS before the game expecting his price to drop after!

  • @Number5 im gonna be careful though. the french surge is understandable as they are the only ones who can get 5p ipd bonus during the promo

  • @jonathan-rolfe true, I didn't think of that. Prices could be over inflated because of that.

    Tbh I bought most of my keepers over a month ago and won't be eligible for IPDs anyway.

  • @jonathan-rolfe I thought the PL, La Liga and Serie A kick off on the 12th, the Bundesliga on the 18th, the IPDs run until the end of Sept don't they?

    I realize the French keepers have more fixtures but keeping clean sheets is bloody difficult! :)

  • @Marksandygill yeah true . its probably too difficult to work out and too much luck involved. yeah this is over lap with the other leagues and ipds. got it into my head only ligue 1 would benefit. thanks for the reminder

  • @Black-Wolf you dont happen to know his highest bid atm?

  • @jonathan-rolfe said in handanovic . How long will he play?:

    @Number5 im gonna be careful though. the french surge is understandable as they are the only ones who can get 5p ipd bonus during the promo

    There will definitely be some weak money going into some of the French keepers at the moment... As pointed out above, the other leagues also get going within the IPD x5 window, so I'd expect to see a fair bit of money moving around between the leagues over the next 6 weeks.. There will be better buy in prices on some of them via ME over this same period, and some that will hold their value and rise..

    It is tricky putting a value on them short-term certainly, but as long-holds with potential future dividend increases factored in, they are all likely on the cheap side. In general I am happy buying any keeper from any PB team as long as they are still priced at a cost that I think can get me my 10-15% div return.

    In-terms of payouts and probability's - a keeper priced at 50p would need to win one gold day (3p), one Silver day (2p) and two bronze days (1p) to yield me my 15% div return target. It sounds quite a feat to return those kind of wins, but my gut feeling is that with about 100 keepers competing and probably 200? game days across a season, there is a pretty reasonable chance that most keepers will rack up 3-5 positional wins a season.

    With the IPDx5 promo running I could seriously inflate the yield return with a clean sheet or two, but they will also likely be purchased with this potential factored in on the French keepers at the moment (probably worth trying to nab some cheaper on the ME when the opportunity arises.)

    The ToTM contenders will be the top European club keepers, so the premium on their price is justified at this stage. Time will tell on whether they can justify the price tag in terms of yield, but with two ToTM wins a season that would be an additional 10p to the forecast five or so positional wins a season. Plus in european competition latter stages they will be competing for gold day wins against only a few other keepers, as we are seeing this week that can mean easy and significant returns - so there should be decent returns on offer across all of the bands of prices at the moment...

  • @jonathan-rolfe for Handanovic? Telling me I can sell at 44p!!

  • @Marksandygill i just got at 47p . not bad with a small discount

  • @Baydog completely agree a lot of soft money in them currently but for a 3 year bet there’s no way any lose you money; the question is how much does each make you!

    I hadn’t finished topping up my french holds but with the Twitter FOMO pump I’ll hold off now and move elsewhere; whilst I’ll miss the x5 IPDs I’m sure come the first week of October I’ll be able to grab what I want on ME for a decent discount.

    The big question for me is who in the EPL is worth a punt outside the top 6?

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