Balance = Player Price

  • How come I'm unable to buy a player if he's the exact cost of my balance?

    e.g. Salah cost 9.48 which is the same as my balance but it's asks me to deposit money to buy him.


  • Some strange fault with FI that you need to have 1p more than the buy price

  • Ive had this before but there’s two options ‘buy 1’ or ‘buy max’. Considering your max is only 1, try that, it’s worked with me before (when I’ve had the exact amount too), although Salah is up a couple pennies now

  • Thanks. The only option for me was to deposit :( Guessing prices are rounded up/down due to some behind the scenes calculations on how player prices are driven (Salah was really worth 9.484 or something meaning my technically my 9.48 wouldn't have been able to afford the extra 0.004p???)

    He's nearly earned me enough dividends to buy another future, guess I'll have to wait until another MB win to get another ;)

  • Players values are rounded up/down for Buying and Selling. So it might show £9.48 for salah but his actual cost could be £9.481 and therefore your balance of £9.48 isn't enough to buy.

  • If this is the biggest dilemma in your life, i will give you the extra 1p myself, come really

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