Bernd Leno

  • Whats the opinions on Leno. Will he come back in and replace Martinez. Surely a fully fit Leno goes straight in. In a side that concedes alot of shots, isee a see a real opportunity once he's back.

    Got to be worth an investment?

  • @Hanz a side that conceded a lot of shots also concede a lot of goals and also lose a lot of games...

  • @Jdog your right, but towards the end of last season Arsenal where becoming more of a unit at the back, with Saliba there and potentially Gabriel along with the attention that Arteta has clearly put on the defence im becoming very tempted!

  • Just having this conversation on the other GK thread with @Number5

    I think Leno will be first choice, but if both remain at Arsenal then there will be some good competition and Martinez will play Europa (or vice versa). It would not surprise me if teams made offers for Martinez, as he has proven himself to be better than a no.2. If the right offer comes in for both player and club then I think he would be sold (more due to the players ambitions than the clubs - I am sure we want to keep both

    Leno I do rate, he is a good shot stopper. His stats I am sure would have been significantly better had it not been for the shambles in front of him. Next season I expect us to be far more resolute (already seen with hard fought victories over Chelsea and City in the cup). We have the very highly rated centre back pairing of Saliba and Gabriel incoming, and we are definitely in the market for a proper defensive midfielder (which we have lacked for about a decade or more)... Tierney looks superb so if he stays fit there is every chance we will improve defensively

  • @Baydog yeah my thoughts exactly, im an Arsenal fan and was worried I was looking at it slightly biased, i just see the progression we made towards the end of last season at the back, plus the talent that we have coming in! Good competition is healthy, i imagine the goal keeper position to cause Artera a few head aches (in a good way) i think at 56p he's got to worth it!

    Thanks lads

  • @Hanz

    I'm really positive about next season, so many good young players and a big swing in attitude on the pitch...

    I have just found an article from last week about the Martinez situation. It sounds like we want him to sign a new deal, and he is kind of saying play me or I'll leave.. By the sounds of it he is happy to stay another season,, but he wants to be Argentina no.1 by the world cup - so I think he'd leave if he gets an offer he likes and we can make some money

  • @Baydog heres to a great season!!! Thanks mate, appreciate that, I'll have a good read!

    If Martinez went wed have to sign a new back up, i think it would to early for Macey to step up, i know he's been loaned out a number of times but he's going to be very unexperienced i think

  • @Hanz

    I did have a quick look into Macey as he is on here for 15p... He doesn't sound overly convincing, especially if he was being played in the Europa group games etc.. We have given him an extra year contract extension this summer so it looks like he will remain 3rd choice, but not one that is being groomed for the first team by the sounds of it. We would probably look for a free transfer or loan signing for no.2 if Martinez does leave I reckon...

  • As an Arsenal fan I knew Martinez was decent but his stint in net he played quality. The 2 things that impressed me the most was his handling on shots/crosses and his passing. I think Martinez will be number one till he has shocker so they can throw Leno back in that's my guess

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