FAO mainly Everton fans

  • Does anyone know much about Anthony Gordon? He is a youth player at Everton. I’ve gone in blind on him just because he was only 32p but only know that he is an attacking midfielder. Is he the saviour of Everton or will he be at Tranmere in two years?

  • :-D just saw you doing it and was googling so see if there was any new news. Very promising youngster, I bought on IPO day, saw very little price movement so cashed out a small profit. Could well be a future star but you may have to be patient to see a decent return, IMO it's a shame Everton pumped so much money into buying players instead of using their youth players more - Lookman, Davies etc.

  • I don’t mind being patient on a few players. Thought he could be a good choice with him being so cheap and Everton being known for giving youngsters a chance. Got Chong and Gomes from Man Utd and hoping their price will increase in a year or two.

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