Gabriel Magalhaes

  • What's everyones thoughts on him as an investment? Looked like a done deal with Arsenal but now looks as though Man U and PSG have swooped in at the last minute to try and hijack the deal. Will his price rise?

  • a tough one and a question i have asked myself as a holder. i have rated him for some months and had a few of him but have just sold just because the IS price is so good. made a healthy profit but was tempted to hold onto him to see how far he could rise. personally i think his price would drop after a transfer and it all depends whether he fits right in. i imagine theres still a little rise in him depending on how long the transfer saga carries on as he has picked up the odd bit of media

  • Im holding. Hes clearly in demand, and if its United he chooses then his price is stupidiy cheap right now. He'll rocket for sure. No brainer for me given how in demand centre halves are all over the show.

  • Is his price stupidly cheap? His sell price at the moment is £1.20 compared to Maguire at £1.49. I know Maguire has some difficulties at the moment but he's English so you have to add a bit on for that. So will Magalhaes go above £1.49 even if he moves to Man U?

  • Depends on his performances I guess. I would say there's certainly growth in there based on what I've seen on YouTube and the fact he's in demand from three big clubs at least.

    The rise could be 2p more, 20p more or 2 quid more. I'm in for a modest 50, so excited to find out.

  • I sold yesterday. Held since Nov ready for a transfer so it's a 50% profit on him.
    I don't think he will go to Utd, that's just the agents and Lille trying to get the deal wrapped up quicker. Faking interest.

    I think that price is already factoring in a PL move.

    Good Luck all who hold though

  • Cough Not a bad start from the lad hey?

  • If we buy now do we get the IPDs or is it too late?

  • @NewUser552018 You can buy up to midnight and still get ipds. His price has gone up loads tho obvs 🤓

  • Yes you do. IPD before midnight, MB/PB before 4pm. It’s weather you think £1.70 is a fair price for 20p Divs, he will probably drop after midnight, but his time will come again.

  • Sometimes I hate this, do I sell now and take the 17p profit or do I hold on knowing he will drop probably more than 20p but may still win PB?!?!? :)

  • Hold for sure. He'll only grow over the season.

    I see he isn't getting picked up in all the media though. "Arsenal's Gabriel" is mentioned in Willians stories (From TalkSport) but not on his own feed. I thought FI had fixed this to include numerous name variants? Come on lads!

  • @Marksandygill Will take a really good performance for a defender to beat that PB score, he has a good chance.

    Don't forget he has a good chance for POTM shares also and if they are IPD eligible he could score again. Home to the Hammers next.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah Yeah I know, sensible head hates seeing them tank after midnight though! :) Anyway, if anyone beats him for PB I just hope its TAA!!

  • I've taken the plunge. 20p divs from the off, good chance of top def and maybe even star man - which would be an immediate 36p return. Of course he will drop a fair bit after today but that's not a bad start - especially with West Ham up next.

    I also watched a fair bit of the game today and he looked very good.

  • Cool thanks everyone :)

  • Dropped about 9p in last few mins so people listing early after 4pm thinking it’s probably not a winning score.

  • @MP1980 If people are buying now at £1.70 I can just see if his price drops and people complain, then these guys on the forum will be saying why did you buy at the peak, never buy on FOMO, etc. See it week in week out.

  • @TeamGB yep, nothing I have not alluded too? I told the guy what would happen. What’s your point?

  • @MP1980 It’s not a personal attack mate. Just reiterating what you’ve said and that I see this type of comment all the time.

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