Thoughts please... Instant buy or bid

  • Hi All, I've got some bids in for some GK's that I want to make sure I have a decent base amount of for PB / TOTM.

    Just wondering whether people think its the right thing to actually just buy at market price for most GKS at moment? Bids are only like a 2/3p saving for most (Peter Gulacsi as an example). Or should I be patient and hold out for matched bids?


  • @NewUser607170 ive generally been market buying my keepers. All have gone up since. I tried ME for them but not to much avail so took the plunge and keep topping up.

  • @NewUser607170 depends on the keeper and the spread; if they’ve got no games for a few weeks and the spread is wide im using ME; if they’re playing sooner with a tighter spread I’m market buying.

    I also place ME if a keeper concedes a goal to grab some of the soft money and IPD chasers

  • Some spreads have widened since the announcement yesterday - possibly reflecting some fear that FI may review their decision to introduce GK category, or boost other categories making GKs seem less appealing. That fear is almost certainly unfounded but you could try to trade off that fear through ME bids.

  • Do we pay commission now on ME bids?

  • @Stevo not on buys until the end of September

  • @Hotspur I think they'll boost other categories anyway - but keepers are still excellent value so it'll have to a be a large boost elsewhere to change that. Would be surprised to see a keeper boost on match days - maybe Gold days or TOTM at a push.

  • @NewUser607170 market buy when demand is high and bid when its not. Theres a good chance you will get some bids accepted whilst this dividend review is looming or if it takes attention off keepers

  • I've had a few successful GK bids but only for a few pence savings. Usually I have no choice but to market buy if the spreads tighten or if no one had accepted my bids for hours.

  • @NewUser607170 If its only a few pennies diffrence I would just market buy, I only bid if its worth the saving, or you arnt to fussed about if you get them or not in a hurry.

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