A gold match day (23.8) with 5 games, a chance to secure a big payout?

  • While gold match days for less games are nothing new tomorrow 3 of the 5 games being played will conclude before the dividend eligibility deadline of 4pm. If a player in one of these three games racks up a huge score then there's an opportunity to lump into a player who's got a massively enhanced chance or taking home star player plus you'd imagine some associated dividends to boot.

    Great opportunity if one player can post a big PB score in an early fixture.

  • The Champions League final has a 1.25x multiplier for all players which makes it a pretty good bet that all winners will come from that game.

  • @Coleyscrooge for sure, the x1.25 multiplier weights the chances favourably that the winner is coming from that game but I'm talking about if someone racks up a score between 250 and 300 early doors before the dividend deadline.

    Chances are that kind of score won't be achieved in the early games but if it is I can see plenty getting involved.

  • I expect the winners to come from the CL final but if I was going to take a punt on someone from Ligue 1, I would go for someone from Nice, possibly Dolberg. Scored a few in pre-season and playing against the promoted Lens.

    That said, Nice will be missing 2 players who have tested positive for coronavirus so 1 of those could be Dolberg.

  • Would be a major piss take if the gold day for the Champions League final ends up being swept up by Ligue 1 players on a regular match day for them.

  • The last game will probably contain the winners, helped by the fact Birger Meling (defender) who scored and assisted, Romain Philippoteaux (midfield) who scored and assisted and Denkey (striker) who scored and assisted, all for Nimes aren't even on FI!! :)

  • The way the final is going...one of the earlier games might actually win it!

    Although if it's 0-0 one of the defensive players will pick it up I'm guessing.

  • If it goes to extra time i suspect a midfielder and def will come from this match at least + probably neymar (striker)

  • Golovin still top Mid 😁

  • Well per the subject of this thread took the risk of Badiashile posting a 209 earlier in the day might be enough to secure top defender and indeed it was! 20p of total Divs to come, happy days!


    (Also think I'm gonna hold him)

  • @DW was a weird one where I was able to refresh my Badiashille shares for both IPDs and Match Day divs (I think I did it before 3). Has worked out quite nicely.

  • @DW Looks like he's been linked with a move to the Prem recently too...could be a great signing in the long term.

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