The No Club brigade

  • Was going to use this for those stuck with a player currently with no club. Not as a pump(why would you pump someone who can't be sold?!)

    Jimmy Cabot(bought for 36p, currently no sell price)- thought I was being clever by getting on board with him while in Ligue 2, turns out I am just as intelligent as Jimmy Cabot. With promotion to Ligue 1 secured , Jimmy thought it would be a great idea to actively talk about leaving and categorically saying he would not play for Lorient next season. Despite a little interest, no one thought Jimmy was worth a bid, so he's currently sat on the naughty step waiting for some club to take pity on him and sign him on a free. There's even been talk of him moving to a non-pb league, the shitbag. 4 goals and 3 assists in midfield for a title winning team ain't great, so I need some baseless Man U rumours(surely they are linked with everyone) to come out of nowhere so I can get out

    Ryan Fraser(bought for 1.26, current sell price 81p)- oh Icarus, you flew too close to the sun. Another bellend who thought he was too good for a club, but it's Bournemouth and so the bar is quite low. Seems like an age ago when Arsenal and Spurs were interested, big baby Ryan stamped his feet, held out for a free transfer somehow managed to fall out of favour with Arsenal and Spurs, who apparently were angry that a player they were interested in would make himself available for free, when they really wanted to spuff 20-30m on him instead. Got me so angry that he's a free agent, that if I ever met him, I'd call him Bryan Fraser but generally be nice to really irk him

    Any other free agent bastards anyone is stuck with?

  • Im on Fraser aswell, but at slightly less price of £1.23. Stupid man costing me money.

  • I am on Kevin Stoger. Left Fortuna Dusseldorf after their relegation, and was arguably their best player last season. He has the potential to be a PB competitor if he signs for the right team.

  • @Moukoko with Mike Ashley being even tighter than usual this summer, wouldn't be surprised if we took Fraser at Newcastle. Already signed Hendrick from Burnley on a free apparently so it looks like the bargain bin and free transfer market is the only place Bruce will be allowed to shop.

    And to be fair, I'd take him! Questionable attitude after last season but great work rate on the pitch.

  • I was on Ryan Fraser at about £1.23 and have used the ME to top up and bring my average by price down to £1.00. I did this as an exit plan as if he remains in a PB league that should allow me to get out without a loss.

    Think he'll get a low end PL move to the likes of Palace or Fulham as the most likely and best case scenario. Worst case scenario is he moves back to the SPL. If Ryan Kent leaves for Leeds, Rangers coming in for Fraser would be a big worry.

  • I bought Fraser at £1.21 and threw the head up and IS for 0.85p

    Hope he never gets a club again.......................

  • @CptMorgan Rangers will have no interest in Fraser even if Kent goes, if anything he would end up at the darkside of the city.

  • 😁😁😁 Good Post..What you think of Fraser for the years ahead as always looking for players with promise to add my growing misfits

  • @Karl I wouldn't- he's no longer going to get a top four club, so is unlikely to hit over £1 any time soon. Having said that, buy him so I can get out!

  • I have
    200 Fraser at £1.22.
    305 thomas lemar at £1.44 ouch!! Highest bid 91p currently! DOH!

    Not sure if lemar is still in contract, I presume he is but both of these was bought for transfer spec and both costing me money.

  • @Dan-w in contract until 2023

  • Can see him ending up at Celtic or Rangers

  • I genuinely don't see the concern about Ryan Frasers future ...

    I'm sitting with 900 at a slight loss. When he quit my club Aberdeen as a 17 year old, I worried we were losing another promising youngster to English lower league anonymity.

    But every year since he left, he has improved considerably. He is now in the enviable position where he is without a club, by choice.

    A consumate professional off the pitch, he is simply waiting for the best offer to be presented.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he fancied going abroad, such is his level of ambition. I don't see Fraser returning to a Scottish club at this time.

    Wherever he ends up, £1 for a 26 year old with an excellent assist record doesn’t look to be a bad bet considering the pending dividend increase.

    Show a little patience and I'm confident you will be rewarded. 👍

  • I have Fraser the bastard and Stoger the bastard, both ME prices so I am in paper profit and expect them both to be decent value if they remain in PB leagues

  • I have Mario Gotze, luckily it looks like he wants to stay in Europe, just worried the longer he goes without a club...😆

  • I think Fraser gets a bad rap. His contract with Bournemouth had expired. They offered him a very short extension to allow him to play in the last few games of the season and he rightfully pointed out that if he got a serious injury during those games he'd be screwed and rejected their offer. He didn't refuse to play for Bournemouth while under contract to them, he just refused a contract offer of a couple of weeks. Personally I don't see the issue.

  • @Marksandygill said in The No Club brigade:

    I have Mario Gotze, luckily it looks like he wants to stay in Europe, just worried the longer he goes without a club...😆

    I'm on him too

    I think it's not because of a lack of offers, it's a case of thinking them over and waiting.
    The window is a long one and clubs are all waiting

  • @Munchie63

    Yeah I think Gotze will be ok, but if anyone wants out I've just bid for 50 of him at 0.55 which is above the displayed selling price at the moment.

  • Fraser will probably stay in the Premier League, if he was going Scotland he would of been there for the start of the season. Same with going abroad he could of signed for one of them since January. Gonna have a guess at Southampton, just too annoy Bournemouth fans more

  • @Moukoko I bought a significant amount of shares in Cabot for the exact same reason. Any PB team would have done but now I’m doubting that as well.

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