Benoit Badeshille Monaco

  • Watched this lad today ... looks a fair talent and is a big lump must be over 6 foot 4.
    As a 19 year old looks a decent centre half prospect , I know Madrid are tracking him.
    Must admit first time watching him but the lad could have had a hatrick from set pieces , scored 1 at least and a very decent Pb score considering Monaco didn’t win.
    Any experts on him as my first view of him live and was very impressed and tempted to go heavy on him.

  • @BMCG I've been holding 500 for along time now at a small loss. Nice to see him on the pitch and faith in a good hold being rewarded.
    I'm no expert but as we can see he is good for pb, very young and has all sorts of transfer links with a good chance of ending up at a big club.

  • @BMCG

    I took a punt after he scored.. Fair few United links too

  • I'd say with his PB score he's got a small chance of taking home top defender today, it's probable one of PSG or Bayern defenders will take it but he's got a decent chance.

    Given your guaranteed 10p of IPD'S I think its well worth the risk and your still eligible for PB dividends if buying before 4.

    On the actual topic of this guy I think Kovac playing him first game of the season and the defence seeing alot of the ball could make him a genuine PB threat this season. 19 years old with United links is the 🍒 on the cake.

  • @DW would be nice if his score hadn't been downgraded but as it stands still top based on youngest player.

  • In for x100 @£1.13 at 15.59 so if he keeps top spot would be very nice, if not 10p IPDs will be a nice start to the holding

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