Any update on Neymar?

  • Hey Guys

    Does anyone know any news about Neymar returning to play in the WC?

    Can't see anything on the internet....



  • Latest I saw was a couple of days ago - out on a bike ride and hoping to be back for at least PSG's last league game. His final examination is scheduled for mid-May and their last match is on the 19th.

  • @BL__FI Cheers, are you holding any futures in him?

  • @AndyP32 Yeah, given he survived PSG's CL exit and a major injury with no real damage to his price he seems to be the most bulletproof of the big dogs, so I still have about 12% of my investment in him. Hopefully he'll start picking up media again around the time of that scan and I don't expect his price to dip much more between now and then (especially with the trader meet coming up in a week).

  • Off crutches and walking, I sure if he’ll make the last game (maybe on the bench to show he’ll be ready for WC?). I think after the meet and once he’s back there’ll be a massive jump in value 👍

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