• Why is his spread widening, surely one to benefit from good news later?

  • @chaps1988 Messi.

  • Yeh fair point. Good news later how do you see it affecting prices? Ordinarily I'd say KDB/Kimmich/Neymar/TAA would benefit most, but with Messi being a PB beast, most money will go there do you think?

  • @chaps1988 I'm not on Messi, but if the review is decent I think he'll be£7 by tonight and I'll have made a killing on the ME

  • I know I can't be the only person planning to ride the Messi wave and then jump off near the peak and try to swoop up cheap Kimmich on the ME.

    All dependent on the ambitious announcement of course. It could well be the case that Messi hysteria causes stagnation in good PB picks since he is the PB GOAT. If that happens then there could be huge bargains to be had even after the announcement. We'll have to see what happens.

  • He's weakened only slightly, top bid is still £5.18 but it's clear where all money is being directed.

    Neymar top bid is under £9....

  • I’m avoiding messi ....too old and risky if he goes to prem to city ... could easily see him having a deal one year massive wages goes on a free with a clause like he has at Barca that he can leave on a free at end of season again.
    Can easily see him at approaching 35 wanting to go home to play or mls if he achieves trophy with pep in the first year .
    Fair enough the worlds best player will Hoover up MB for the period he in England but even with pb and totm I can’t see those divs being greater then 2 quid for 12 months and coupled with the perennial threat of him fucking off to a non pb league will keep me away.
    Less then 5 Quid ’d be on over 6 no chance , have missed the boat .

    I think the best route is who will benifit at Barca If he moves ... maybe greizman or Frankie de jong Or one of the kids . Someone will have to take over the mantle.
    One thing that’s clear though is all the mb incoming messis way for summer is gonna derail a certain mr sancho price. Wouldn’t like to be a holder there !

  • I'm also not on Messi but I'm watching the ME prices of others very carefully. I suspect some people have spanked their balances ahead of tonight and there could be some great deals elsewhere to be had, depending what the review says.

  • I’m happy to now be a Kimmich holder, thanks to some IS hits but some of that offset by ME to get Kimmich.

    TOTM has forced my hand now somewhat.

  • Kimmich is a player which divides opinion on FI.

    But lets face it, he has shown he is unreal for PB both at RB and Mid.

    With Thiago potentially leaving, he will be move important for that team and will get more time in mid, controlling the ball and play.

    With TOTM, he is one of the top beneficiaries, due to his consistent pb scores, he will almost always be in the running.

    Considering he is 25, plays for germany so will go deep into Euros/WC, plays for Bayern, who will be a powerhouse in europe for years to come.

    If TOTM gets a slight increase today, expect him to rise.

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