Newbie Help - Sell Queue / Bidding & P/L

  • Hi me again sorry!

    Struggling to get my head around some things and would appreciate any help.


    For Example if i brought Thiago Silva for 50p per share and after his move to Chelsea imminent his price rises to 60p (for example).

    So his IS is 53p but you can buy for 60p.

    If i then add to the sell queue and set a reserve price of 55p, if someone bids 55p for him will that then match and and be a sale?

    Second query about profit and loss column - is this not accurate if you think about it?

    So i bid £3 for some Eden Hazard shares and his value is £3.13 or something so technically that is 13 profit per share in the P/L column.

    BUT that is only profit once i've sold those shares, but realistically nobody will be bidding for shares at the price he is worth when they can just instantly buy him for the same price if that makes sense?

  • @JDoubleU

    The reserve price is just the minimum amount you are willing to sell at, nothing to do with bids being placed (Market sell and Matching engine are two different sales mechanisms)

    If you list Silva at 57p with a reserve of 55p when others list after you his price will drop further. If that price falls to 54p your shares are kicked out of the queue. You then either need to hold, IS or re-list. If you are desperate to sell then don't add a reserve price, then your shares will remain in the queue at whatever price.

    The profit figure is as you suggested purely "paper profit" and really just a guideline to your success.

  • @JDoubleU

    Also that IS price of 53p is the average of the top 300 bids. If you are selling 1, 10 or 50 (less than 300) you may be able to find the top bid is around 56 to 57p. I don't hold so can't confirm. To check click "sell", then you can manually adjust the number to sell starting with 1 share, this will show maximum bid, then slowly increase number to sell. Just be careful, there may be one bid at 57p followed by 99 bids at 52p etc.

  • @Martyn-B Thanks that makes sense. I need to do more research on the matching engine then. I only started 26 days ago and have only made 5.05% profit looool

  • @JDoubleU No worries, start small, play around with it, make mistakes, have fun, ask questions and "learn before you earn". Good luck 👍

  • @JDoubleU 5% profit in a month isn't bad.

    Not to be sniffed at, stick a £1,000 in and gain 5% a month, you've know...profit.

  • @JDoubleU the ME is a big part of the current platform - I'd probably spend a bit of time understanding this as it will not only help your paper profit you'll be able to understand how people are currently trading behind the Market Buy button.

  • @Highfields96 Sorry what is ME short for? Still learning the lingo

  • @JDoubleU Matching Engine, i.e placing bids on players and matching with someone willing to sell at that price.

  • @JDoubleU Apologies - @howsthebacon filled in for me. I was the same as you at the start; didn't have a clue what any abbreviations meant, no harm in asking!

  • @JDoubleU I joined around a similar time to you and don't have much more profit but it's better than an ISA and I also threw some winnings from the bookies in which I'm counting as profit ;).

    I wish I'd got to grips with the ME earlier, I'd be up about 50-100 quid more if I had as I've taken a big hit on a few players that I bought full price without knowing how ME works.

    I now wheel and deal and only bring top players in if it's a good price. It does mean it's harder to build up large blocks of a player but you minimise the risk. E.g. Messi, picked up 20 at 4.59 and well...the rest was history. My profits might seem minuscule compared to the big ballers on here but I was happy.

  • I was thinking, I know there is a thread that people link newbies to (which is now pretty dated) but a forum legend would be helpful to explain all the abbreviations. PB/MB/IPD/ME etc.

  • @howsthebacon Yeah i knew most of them from my friend who got me involved like Media Buzz, Performance Buzz, In Play Dividends but that is as far as my knowledge goes hah

  • @JDoubleU I didn't have any mates on the forum so I had to learn as I went along.

  • @Highfields96 Don't suppose you know why some players buy and sell price difference can be like 5p and others 60p??

  • @JDoubleU Literally just demand as the IS price is an average of the top 300 bids. If a player is in demand, holders less willing to sell and therefore buyers need to bid higher to get them to sell. If a player is out of form/injured less want them so buyers can chance a lower offer.

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