Buying before or after the DIV update?

  • Title speaks for itself.

    Just deposited more money but I can't decide if its better to buy now before the update, OR wait till it hits and hopefully everyone is panic selling to try and get on the top end that way I can buy up "unwanted" players for cheap.

    Whats peoples thoughts?

  • Said I wouldn't be buying before the announcement but seen a few opportunities to pick up players at their minimum bid value who will come back into fashion at some stage before the start of the new season.

    Kept some funds behind for the announcement though

  • @Kanzz Compromise. Put the low bids in now, you can always cancel them later if you spot better value elsewhere after the announcement. Then you have a cash balance ready to go or you are getting matched at low prices, win-win!! 😛

  • @Martyn-B spot on, I always just chuck low bids on some top players whenever I dont plan on checking in a while. If you come back and no movement, cancel and get your money back and if they've gone through, you can probably flip them within a day or two anyway.

  • @howsthebacon I am not much of a "flipper". Probably more of a "skimmer". Top up existing holds with cheap bids, wait for them to do something in a match and then skim these surplus shares off to create a new future cash balance. Rinse and repeat. Also refreshes IPD's and the 3 year duration of the shares.

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