Is anyone quids in?

  • I think the dividend announcement is great news. Its not reflected in my portfolio though....£37k, 167 players......up 0.88% in the past 24 hours. Anyone else?

  • I’m pretty flat but overall pleased with the announcement and how it will get things going.

  • @Columbia
    £14k portfolio and only up 0.53% in last 24 hours.

    No concerns from me though given the new dividends structure. I think we’ll find that the % increase will be significantly higher when we check back in again in 3 weeks.

    Ironically, I’m chuffed some of my portfolio hasn’t increased as I’m looking to do some more buying of existing holds at the weekend and I want to get in as cheap as possible!!

  • £2,200 portfolio. Up over 6% in 2 days, some of that was Messi before the announcement though up another 3.3% today

  • @Columbia depends on the make up of your port. I'd say 37k over 167 players means your spread pretty thinly. I'm on 24k over 47 players and am spread a little more thinly than I would ideally like. Putting aside Messi who was already massively spiking pre-announcement, only really Trent Kimmich and KDB have really spiked. Maybe Calhanoglu in terms of percentages.

    The real beauty of today Is that the div increases have provided value that cannot be swallowed up in a few hours or a few days. Theyve virtually doubled the old structure, which had taken 5 years to get where it was. Even if you factor in growth of the exponential variety, were still gonna be reaping rewards from today in a years time, so dont panic about a slightly underwhelming start. FWIW, I'm at 0.98 for 24 hours and I hold Kimmich and calhanoglu.

    With the number of players u hold, they're not all gonna feel the benefit this week or even this month, but as long as your not sat on the likes of John Obi Mikel and Rai Vloet, you're gonna feel the benefit over the next year even without trading and trend chasing

  • I made a nice 11% trade on Kimmich. Bought 200 at £5.16 on Monday and market sold the lot for £5.86 today. So that was quids in I suppose. Other than that I don't think my portfolio has moved much but it's become irrelevant to me if it's not money I'm trying to bank. I've got 42 players and only 20 are keepers so I still feel I've got plenty of work to be doing. There is value absolutely everywhere now, fewer shares in more players is the way forward for me, I can't wait until all 5 leagues are back under way.

  • Not much movement (except Messi) in my portfolio either. I’m not worried. In the next few months I’m expecting major fireworks. The dividends are now great. We just need more people onboard - with the temptation of the new dividends Table, I now view it as inevitable 👍🏼 I wouldn’t be suprised to hear more and more people reaching 100% by the end of next season.

  • Feels like there weren't many rockets tonight but we have to remember that the last review was just weeks ago and people went in on PB players at the time. When the new season kicks off properly with all of the marketing they are doing, we should hopefully see some nice rises.

  • 1.2% up in 24hrs on my 5.2k port; I’m happy with that. My biggest increases were on Kimmich, Neymar, De Bruyne and Calhanoglu. Also one of my keepers, Lopes.

  • Everyone seems to be looking at the port value figure. That's meaningless now. The spreads on my players like Moussa Dembele and Lukaku have tightened considerably but their buy price hasn't moved much. There is a lot of activity going on within spreads and I feel my port is worth far more than yesterday even if the port value figure doesn't completely reflect that.

  • My port is made up of 67 Players (27 of which are keepers ) total value around £58k

    Im up 2.5% on the day mainly through taking advantage of the Messi FOMO to get on ME bids for GKs which have subsequently risen further post the announcement / Getting on Calhanoglu today and Sterling at 70p below buy price as well has helped in that respect.

    some things to consider which may have reduced the initial spike,

    The amount of cash that had been held back but was instead pumped into Messi over the last 36 hours , in excess of £1mil now.

    The fact that there is value all over the market at the moment so the growths we see will more slow and sustained and widespread instead of the usual top 10 getting ploughed into from the off.

    Traders still looking at getting bids matched on the ME and as a result cash currently being tied up there.

    Traders still nervous about the impact when sell orders do finally come in,

  • We are set for long term growth with this announcement. I will probably put a decent wedge more in over the next couple of weeks so a lack of acceleration is fine by me. It's a gamechanging announcement. The market was overpriced before - now a lot of players can now make their full price back in divs, and overall I think the market is probably at least 50% undervalued.

  • My port gone well up 3.1 percent last 24 Hrs
    54k 85 players . 50 keepers not much movement bar Lopez at Lyon .
    Biggest Holds moved nicely kimmich taa Hakan at Milan and Guerrero at Dortmund .
    Don’t hold any mb players so the pb boosts helped me and also hold no sancho messi or Thiago Silva types.
    Was able to match low a lot of players like havertz And goosens and others on me which also Boosts the figures.

  • @Advinculas-Index
    Totally agree on messi . That 1 million looks like very soft money and will redistribute shortly back to pb assets wit that announcements . Divs return are too good across the board from keepers to goal scoring defenders to machines like Hakan and kimmich and Trent .
    The messi spike has allowed others be got undervalue now and the money will sweep there way soon once messi mania settles ala sancho prior to this devolpment .
    Cash on match days for crazy ipds gonna be so handy.

  • would people be holding back to gain the most out of the increased ipd's.....

  • I’m up 1% mainly from picking keepers up dirt cheap this morning as people clearly were trying to get themselves a cash balance for the announcement.

    This announcement should give gradual growth until all the leagues are back and the x5 on the new IPDs kick in; match day spikes will be high...followed by the Monday sell off.

    Things looking good and the normal ney-sayers are nowhere to be seen 😬

  • @Sav2000

    Dont worry

    Im sure hes lurking 😂🤷🏻‍♂️🐴😳

  • My small growth is similar to others. Not worried. Waiting patiently for Offers.


  • 26k port, im down -0.30% last 24 hours.

    Not worried tho as the div increase just lifted the potential worth of every player on the index, so down the line we will all be laughing.

    Right now, Im just trying to figure out where I can get more money from lol

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    My aim for the end of this year is to hit 100%

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