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  • On the back of yesterdays very welcome Div announcement I'm looking to fix and set 50 percent of my Port.
    Currently I have circa 50k in the index spread on 85 players.
    My plan is to reinvest a further 50k in 10 players roughly at 5k each and to hold and leave this group for the season.
    The fundamentals of the div Pb yields now are at a level where you can find value all over the index now but for ease of portfolio management my plan is to go heavy on 10 long term holds . I am happy to lock these in and would like to hear peoples thoughts on this group.
    Goalkeepers :I have circa 50 so am set here , however I believe Unai Simon will be shortly Spain's No 1 and have identified him as one to further invest in.
    Attacking Full Backs: My favourite position hold on the index and the ones I plan to go deeper on in as follows;
    TAA , Guerriro , Hakimi, Theo Hernanandez, Robin Goosens , Phillip Max , Tierney
    Midfielders: Kimmich and Hakan Calhanoglu. 2 PB magnets.
    Thats my plan for the 10 to fix for the season and will look to use div returns to get on reliable strikers like Levandoski , Lukaku , Haaland with IPD'S in mind as the season progresses.
    My plan is also to continue to track next generation of stars and guys on my watch list for next season are Cherki, Kubo, Reyna, Elliot and Havertz.
    I think with this annoucement one can plan for the longer term finally with the div table fixed for the next 12 months, which appeals to me as lately its all been about reacting to each new update which has been profitable but time consuming.
    As a massive NFL fan once that starts up in Sept I will have far less time to manage my portfolio so I reckon this strategy will suit me best.
    Appreciate any feedback and whether anyone is planning a similar approach.

  • @BMCG watch out for Hakimi and Guerreiro position changes, I’d wait for teams squad lists to be announced before buying these two

  • @Gregolocky Guerreiro only just been changed back to a defender so would be pissed off if he changed back again so quickly. Wouldn't put it past OPTA/FI though.

  • What is your opinion on Reece James. I think he is a mold of TAA and AWB just needs more minutes to get to that level. He has one hell of a cross too just need a Chelsea player to put them away.

  • @BMCG
    Sounds like a sensible approach. I'm trying to implement something similar where I don't have to trade quite so frequently although it's difficult as FI feels like it's always evolving and changing.

    As @Gregolocky says, keep an eye on positional changes. Like you, I am a big holder of attacking fullbacks and hold most of the ones you mention but I got caught out with Skov recently - I have held him for some time and continued to top up without realising he'd been changed to a forward.

  • @Gregolocky Watch out for Hakimi being rotated as well, changing both wing backs after 70 minutes seems to be Conte's favourite past-time. Possibly just due to the short turn around in games recently, but be aware

  • @BMCG
    Oh and what NFL team do you follow?

    I'm a big Falcons fans, as well as a big Spurs fan, so I am a sucker for lost causes!!

  • @JonesyFI-WH Hakimi only changed recently too but his team is down as Real Madrid. I’d be wary to change once Inter release their squad list. Like you said though Guerreiro has a bit more safety to him with him being a permanent Dortmund player 👍🏻

  • @Vaughany All about the Buccs! Brady & Gronkowski going to lead us all the way

  • There was amazing value to be found before the div increase- now it’s just become insane.
    You have a good plan. Only thing I might say is 85+ players might be a bit too many to keep an eye on? Particularly if your watching the Minnesota Vikings smash your team? (vikings fan here 😉)
    With this many players your gonna miss key moments to sell because of poor from, negative transfer news or positional change.
    Otherwise, I agree u need to pack your portfolio with PB quality that can reap the rewards of these bonkers PB dividends. The usual suspects:
    Neymar, Kimmich, TAA, Rodrigo de Paul, Kroo’s, Dybala, Calhanoglu, Depay etc (obvs Messi is PB king but currently pumped to eye balls with transfer speculation)
    Question mark over Haaland? Woeful at PB but should win MB as he’s an interesting character.
    Otherwise like it.

  • @JDoubleU
    Ha ha, I have to admit, it feels like we're going backwards since the Superbowl fiasco. Wouldn't surprise me if we're propping up the division this season. Good luck though - if you can keep Gronk fit, you might be in for an interesting season!

  • @Gregolocky
    The risk there for me is Conte.
    He loves 2 attacking fullbacks and Hakimi is central to their attacking make up. He is a wing back but point noted ... seeing Guerrero recently reclassified I’d be hopeful he will stay as is for the season.

  • @JDoubleU
    Was on radar but looks a tad high for me and now gonna have chilwell as competition. Ideally I prefer one fullback to be dominant relative to his teammate ... why I can never go near Robertson even though I rate him so high as a pool fan.

  • @Vaughany
    Skov was one my previous bigger holds.
    Still think he ok as a forward at 1.50 on me but agree lost a lot of upside with his switch

  • @Vaughany
    Follow 2 teams . Seahawks and saints go every year to a game and try to see playoffs . Huge fan of Wilson and brees . Saints surely due a break this year but chiefs gonna be tough to beat again

  • @JDoubleU
    Yep bucks gonna be fun to watch ... reckon Covid could upset some of their upside though with lack of prep pre season etc ... they might take longer then others to flow without having the snaps in practice needed to assimilate the new general. To be fair brady won’t turn the ball over ala Winston who was a complete liability

  • @BMCG

    Sounds like a solid strategy to me... I prefer a more passive long term approach where i don't have to keep track of my players - but this means not going too big on any one of them in case I miss something and lose out.

    I should probably have focused way more money into some of them and omitted others to maximise returns - so diversity is not always the most efficient way to make money, but I enjoy having a decent interest in most televised games... I don't plan to trade much once the IPD madness is over, so I have the basis for a long port and a side pot for the bonus period.

    I'd have no issues at all going big on the ones you mention above assuming positional changes are okay etc, I have them all in my port except Kimmich who I had a stinker on selling up on before the Barca game 😂

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