Martin Dubravka Out

  • So was reading on Fanasy Football that Martin Dubravka is out for the start of the season, and that "Darlow (£5m) and Gillespie (£4.5m) will compete for the gloves in his place".

    Darlow is on the market yay well done FI, However Gillespie is not. However they have Robert Elliot whos been released after not playing for two years and Freddie Woodman whos on loan at Swansea.

    I get that this is an injury thats making other players relivent, but if GK are now important to the game we should be able to get the players who may start so more depth needed! Don't get me started on ligue one and still missing Jonas Omlin ect!

    But on the positive side less players competing for GK Divs!

  • @Toptom bugger. I just topped up on him this morning

  • @Toptom can’t see them keeping many clean sheets regardless of who is in sticks. Dubravka has a chance of gk pb on a bronze day at least but I’d not touch darlow personally. I’d be 90% sure he’s number two over Gillespie

    I am a toon fan fwiw

  • @Elmer they dont need clean sheets as much as just being kept busy whilst getting wins or even draws

  • @Elmer as an NUFC fan I'm always front of the queue to say how shit we are haha - but regardless of that we are a pretty tight defensive unit most weeks. 8th most clean sheets with 11 last year and most saves in the whole league (which suggests defensively not so sound but reliant heavily on Dubs).

    I'd say if you can get Darlow on the cheap it might be a good investment considering how defensive we play and the fact there is a Brighon game in there early doors.

    there was talk of Darlow leaving but with Woodman out on loan and Dubravka out he is looking likely to be number 1 unless Gillespie has a great pre season.

  • @Elmer 90% sure Gillespie ahead of Darlow? I think perhaps this might have been the case when Gillespie signed as I think they wanted to cash in on Darlow if possible. Now we have an injury and they have to pick between the two, Darlow might get the nod with his Rem experience (albeit limited).

  • @howsthebacon nah 90% Darlow over Gillespie

  • @Elmer ah right, makes more sense. He was def signed as 3rd choice. Bit gutted Woodman has gone out on loan, would've been nice to see him get a chance but he's never gonna usurp Dubs so better off on loan.

  • @Black-Wolf
    Yep, agree completely, and think they’ll have a shot on a bronze day. Just can’t see it on a busier matchday, especially when there’s teams that pass a ball out and don’t just lump it.

  • If I had the patience, I’d be stocking up on woodman. At least a year wait now though for any return

    Ignore me like, had a similar debate about manquillo being a decent player for us but no good for divs and next thing he’d got 50% cap app and I looked a mug

  • @Elmer
    I started a £10 challenge last October with the rules being I could only invest in one player at a time and I took a punt on Woodman when Swansea made the playoffs, ditching Ashley Young in the process. Swansea didn’t make it, and in the interim Young started smashing divs and went up in price. So I would love Freddie to cancel his loan and get called back! Guess I’ll have to wait a year...

  • I think someone on here suggested Darlow many moons ago as Dubravka was going to be out pre-pandemic. So perhaps he's more in line for a spot? Not sure but he finally market sold for me earlier after about three months in the queue!

  • @howsthebacon Woodman will be back next year and pushing for number 1 spot 2021/22 season and number one at start of 2022/23 season.

    Think he's better off playing week in week out for another season rather than playing cup games at with us and few games when Dubravka is injured

  • @Brane_Orsou yeah man, that's my point. I just wanna see him play for the Toon so he knows he has a future here. But I completely get he needs to get first team football and with Swansea it'll be at a decent standard. We should've put a recall option on it though so he could play when Dubravka was injured but doubt Swansea would've agreed to that.

    Darlow aint that bad I guess but I'm not sure we're good enough to afford to have a mediocre keeper tbh - not looking good.

    Gayle's injury could be a blessing if it pushes Ashley to buy another striker, I can't believe we were genuinely going to go into a season with Carroll and Gayle as our only strikers (Joelinton and Muto aside that is).

  • The point is that you can't take the position you want as one of the possible solutions is not on the market. Which also effects the would be price of the one that is actually listed.

    Its the same as betting on the premier league and Liverpool and Chelsea just not in the betting!

  • Noticed Darlow started today in Newcatles friendly against Burnley, I've had a dabble as i think they could keep a clean sheet in at least one of the three games in Sept. Can see a rise between now and start of season (personally)

  • @Shippers Brighton was 0-0 both games last season, definitely a decent shout.

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