Thiago to Liverpool impact

  • Lot of rumours , albeit nothing too solid it seems so far, about Thiago joining Liverpool. Just wondering people's thoughts on how that would likely affect Liverpool's style of play, and whether that could have any negative impact on Trent for example who not only benefits from their tendency to get the ball out wide and cross it in, but who also gets a decent chunk of set pieces. Assume Thiago may get a chance on set pieces, and maybe also encourage Liverpool to play through him in middle a bit more

    Hoping better and more experienced FI traders and/or Liverpool fans could shed some light and help a relative novice to this FI world I'm still getting used to!

  • @NewUser632583 I can’t see Klopp changing anything to be honest. The full backs are fundamental to his system and one player won’t change that.

  • @NewUser632583
    Zero chance of set pieces ie corners going to Thiago .... he not a dead ball specialist and Trent is a master .
    Thiago will be a great addition to team but will only effect the mids especially Keita and Fabinho and giji will lose his place in my view . He won’t alter style of play but will be a great addition as he is simply put, a class footballer . Hope deal goes through but far from certain yet.

  • @NewUser632583 he wasn't on corners or free kicks at Bayern so not sure much will change. He will be a great addition which pains me to say tbh

  • might actually be the one liverpool midfielder I'd buy, gets good scores even when he doesnt score or assist!!😄

  • Thank you all, very helpful responses - even more confident in my hold now!

  • ‘IF’ he comes in then I think Wijnaldum will lose his place as Fabinho is a cracking player in my opinion. But then again is a midfield three of Henderson, Fabinho and Thiago attack minded enough?

    It’s an interesting dilemma as clearly a great player but I’m not sure it would be the best for Liverpool’s midfield setup.

  • @Marksandygill said in Thiago to Liverpool impact:

    might actually be the one liverpool midfielder I'd buy, gets good scores even when he doesnt score or assist!!😄

    I would probably wait for some scores first. Liverpool don't really suit FI midfielders and it normally takes a while for players to adapt to Klopp's style. After any media has died off, there's a good chance a move to Liverpool would be bad for him as a FI hold.

  • Gini to Barcelona if Thiago happens?

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