• Does anyone think either of these 2 are worth buying for the 10 x IPD window? can get them at a decent discount and you'd expect around 3 goals/assists each for the 3 games, they've barely moved in price so not many others are thinking it but they seem worth a punt to me

  • @KingKev they've moved slightly, I picked them both up and have flipped a few of them as the prices have fluctuated but definitely seeing a more stable rise in the IS.

    Both cheap for what they offer surely and Mane is also being linked with Barcelona although not sure how concrete those links are.

    They're a good deal even without the bonus IPD, good long term holds I'd imagine.

  • I got on Salah a few days ago at £2.75 a share, made 43p in divs last year so even without IPDs he could return 20% at that price! :)

  • Cheers guys, this is what I'm thinking, should be good for the IPD window but also decent long term holds at the right price 👍

  • @KingKev Mane is flying up the media rankings atm as well, might be a bit more difficult to get him at a good price. Barcelona rumours heating up but might not come to anything.

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