Niang- Sub 1 pound ipd striker thread: pump away

  • M'Baye Niang. 78p.
    25 year old striker who plays for Rennes who finished 3rd in ligue 1 last year. Therefore, they have champions league football and he is a striker who scores a nice amount of goals and is made for this promo.
    24 starts last season and scored 10 goals.
    Buy tommorow for 4 ipd eligible games. One of which will be 5p for a goal or assist and the other 3 10p per g and a.
    Montpeiller at home.
    Nimes away.
    Monaco at home.
    Saint-Etienne away.
    I expect minimum 10% return during this promo and possibly a 20/30% if all goes well.
    Pump away for your sub 1 pound ipd holds.

  • I have looked and looked at this guy and still yet to buy, I cant even give you a decent reason just something holding me back. Same with Dolberg I have to say.

    Infact to date I have no Ligue 1 Forwards which needs rectified.

  • @trig u can rectify that with a click of a button. They have some easy fixtures coming up and adds an element of enjoyment holding someone for this promo. If he scores tomorrow they will rocket🚀🚀🚀

  • I dont disagree mate just trying to find some notes I took on him and put somewhere to jog my memory.

  • @Jdog

    My concern on Niang is that Rennes have just this week paid £15m for Guirassay, so I am not expecting Niang to keep his spot

  • @Baydog fair play mate may look to exit on a goal spike then. Do u think he will keep his spot or just rotate. Maybe there’s space for both who knows. What would be your plan with Niang now then?

  • @Jdog

    I would expect him to keep his place for the next game as Guirassay only signed this week (although he is match fit as he has been playing in Ligue 2). I am not sure what Rennes favoured formation is as I have seen them play 442 and 433, but with Raphinha, Terrier and Guirassay fit I would expect those three to fill the attacking position... So I would be selling on the next spike

  • Andrea Petagna only 25, 12 serie A goals in a poor SPAL side. Signed for Napoli in the winter window and loaned back until summer. At Napoli now. Bids accepted around 60p

  • @Ringers good shout

  • @Baydog just gotta hope he scores then mate haven’t i🤣🤣😊😊

  • @Jdog

    He's got a narrow spread at the moment so you could get out.. My worry if he doesn't score and loses his spot next game out, then his spread is gonna widen right up and the exit will be significantly more tricky... If he scores then happy days but it is a bit of a gamble on him right now until we know if he can play alongside Guirassay (which may be an option if the put Terrier and Raphinha on the wings in a 442, but very much unknown at the moment)...

  • @Baydog I think it’s unlikely he will be permanently dropped and he will market sell. I only bought today and I think I’ll just take the risk that he scores tomorrow tbh I don’t think he’ll be permanently dropped tbh

  • @Ringers would love to be proved wrong by this guy but whenever I’ve watched him he scores pens and the odd tap in. Possibly one of the least mobile strikers for his age I’ve ver seen. Stats could be misleading on this fella.

  • Picked up a few Niane from Metz at market price. Young, lots of potential, could be alright.

  • @Jdog

    You could well be right... I translated a French article last week which suggested Rennes would play the 442, and that Hunou would play alongside Niang.. I purchased 300 Hunou and then they played a 433 and Hunou sat on the bench... It was a difficult fixture away to Lille, so may not be the best fixture to gauge their set up on - if they go 442 on Saturday then it wil be a good sign for Niang

  • @Baydog I could potentially check the line up and then get out based on that? Or do u think that would be too reactionary ?

  • @Jdog

    It's a tough one to call to be honest! I got out of half of my Hunou at a small loss when I saw the team sheet, but kept the other half just in case he was back in the starting line up next week.. I would expect Niang to start tomorrow regardless, so if he is not in the starting line up then it would not be a great sign.. If he is in the line up and it's a 442 then it is probably worth the roll of the dice with the IPDs on offer!

  • @Palmwa43 said in Niang- Sub 1 pound ipd striker thread: pump away:

    @Ringers would love to be proved wrong by this guy but whenever I’ve watched him he scores pens and the odd tap in. Possibly one of the least mobile strikers for his age I’ve ver seen. Stats could be misleading on this fella.

    16 the year before when they finished 13th. Three tap ins and a penalty in the opening game will do 👍

  • This post is deleted!

  • And he's on the bench... So yet again club makes a replacement transfer and people jump on the forum to hype the player they now need to get rid of!

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