• Just checking through my port and I didn't realise I actually have no defenders - squad of keepers, midfield and attack. I was sure I had some then realisation hit me that I have mids working in a defensive role. With that thought I am looking at 4 defenders from either the French or the Italian leagues to invest in before September kicks in. Price around £1 or less preferably and no more that £2.20. Appreciate any recommendations and the reason you think it is worth a small dabble. Cheers

  • Marquinhos is around £1.82 ( i picked him up when he was £1.60 before he netted twice in the UCL)

    Kimbembe is around the £1 mark

  • I’ve got Badiashile, Kamara at Marseilles, Kamara at Nice. First two showing a lot of PB potential, the former has been linked with United this week. Kamara at OM sometimes plays in midfield. Kamara at Nice looked handy against Lens and looks to be an assist threat. And as above, Marquinhos if he’s not too rich.

  • @Gary-T
    Mate, where do you start? So many options. Are you looking for goalscorers, assist providers, decent PB performers, transfer specs, centre backs, wing backs etc?

  • @Gary-T

    Leo Dubois. Wing back. Back from injury. French international. Fixture tonight. Starting to move a little bit, 67p

  • D'Ambrosio is someone I hold, you can get him around 20-25p if you're willing to wait. Good scoring record last season and played in their Europa games - maybe someone knows something I don't though, seems to like bombing forward too.

    Like you I dont have many defenders but I picked up Robertson quite cheap as I was too tight to get TAA.

    Kehrer is another one I picked up quite cheap, hopefully he starts this season.

  • What about Bastoni from Inter, think he's about 80-90p?

  • @Vaughany Bloody good question and not something I initially threw out there as I was looking for general recommendations but to be fair potential PB, might chip in with the odd goal to boost the numbers. Transfer spec not a major consideration unless it is a bit more that concrete. Good long term hold with prospects for the next couple of years - Oh nearly forgot, anyone who might have a chance of an international call-up especially during a future tournament. Probably covers most bases.

  • @Gary-T Bastoni has just been called up to the Italy squad at 21...

  • @Gary-T A few i have looked at recently. That could be worth a look. A few expensive ones in here but good for comparison. Obviously a lot more to consider than just these numbers but a good start


  • Thanks one and all - please keep them coming. They are on my watchlist and will give me something to research in the next day or so

  • @AJH1982 How did you collate this type of information on a spreadsheet?

    Do you something similar for Midfielders and Forwards?

  • @AJH1982 Great bit of work - thanks as it saves a bit of research. Being bloody stupid PK is peak? and the 300, 250 etc are the times they hit that total from the games played. Finally average PK, if Pk is peak, how did you get this?

  • @Gary-T depends if you are in this for fun or money. I would say if money, Lala and Herelle are going to benefit from the new divs. If it's fun, Hinteregger. You never know if he is going to score two, get a yellow, concede six. Generally madness!

  • @Moukoko I guess from that you hold Hinteregger lol and are enjoying the ride.

  • @Gary-T certainly am, just not the cap app!! In general I find Eintracht great. Might lose 8-0, might win 5-3! Kevin Keegan tactics

  • @Moukoko Always been Gladbach and Hertha Berlin for me as I lived in both places and would regularly go and watch them.

  • @Gary-T
    I hold a lot of defenders but I won't bore you with an extensive list. However, the ones that I personally think tick most of those boxes are;

    I've been picking him up for about 66p on the ME.

    I've been picking him up for about 70p-80p via the ME but he's moved a little in price since.

    I've singled these 2 out based purely on price versus potential reward. Sure, there are some great options in the £1/£2/£3 price range but for their current price , with their PB stats, their age (not too old), their appearance in the Champs League and Euro 2021, I think they are excellent value.

    Undoubtedly, they both face competition from fellow defenders at Real Madrid and PSG respectively but I'm optimistic they can return decent dividends over the next 18 months.

  • Luca Pellegrini

    21 years old. Joined Juventus for 22 Mil but was loaned out for a season. He's competing with Sandro for the LB role, so probably won't start as first choice but it wouldn't surprise me if he's first choice by the end of the season as I think Sandro is in decline.

    Decent attacking output, an assist every 4 games for a midtable Cagliari side.

    Named on Uefa's top 50 young players list.

    Capped at all youth levels for Italy and just been called up to their senior squad.

    Mino Railoa is his agent.

  • @GDS The last name is almost the clincher - anything that man gets involved with often gets some sort of publicity. Thanks for the tip.

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