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  • New to this. I know it depends on the player etc. But on average how long does it take (roughly) to sell when you place on "add sell queue". I know it means having to wait for other traders to buy my sell queue shares, just wondered if anyone has noticed an average time it takes e.g. 1 hour? 2hours? 1 day? 2 days? etc


  • @NewUser656491 i own 38 players since july 2019 and up until couple months ago you could basically sell a player at any time....this order system nonsense drives me mad pointless having a profit in someone when its gonna wittle down by the time you get your sale it took me two weeks today to get rid of about 6 players
    sell que is deffo the best but be prepared to wait currently

  • @NewUser656491 in my experience (which isn't much) it completely varies on the player but it's very unlikely to come to fruition unless the player is on high demand at the moment. I rarely use it if at all.

  • @NewUser656491 as you say it depends fully on the player. If you had listed Depay to market sell he would’ve gone within a day but someone more obscure and you could be waiting months.

  • @JonesyFI-WH but also within that time you might have missed the buzz on Depay so I think keeping an eye on IS is best option atm but it's time consuming, not everybody sits at a desk all day for their work like me.

  • @NewUser656491 a player in the sell queue will only sell when in demand. It's probably wiser to keep an eye on the IS and sell in small batches as the spread ebbs and flows, unless you're prepared to be very patient!

    The ME is undoubtedly geared towards buyers (how many of those complaining about sell queues are market buying similar players?) but I see this is a time for opportunities.

  • @howsthebacon completely agree with you being lucky enough to work on a laptop all day. Also with the added bonus of working from home, for the last 5 months. So I get quite a bit of time to keep eye on the players I am bidding on and adjust accordingly.

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