Enhanced IPD’s, the new and improved deposit bonus. (did you notice?)

  • During the recent months almost all of us have been wondering how FI will get things back on track, not just in terms of growth but providing value to areas of the market that the removal of instant sell significantly devalued. We may not have initially realised it but enhanced IPD’s are the new deposit bonuses and it’s an absolute master stroke by FI. The promotion gives users enhanced returns for investing money into the market, stimulates the non-PB and money back holds and encourages a huge turnover in sells and buys through in game trading. Far more lucrative for FI then just dumping 10% cash into your account and far more exciting and potentially lucrative for users, win/win!

    It’s for this exact reason that I sincerely doubt we will see traditional deposit bonuses return throughout the season, I believe it’s far more likely that we will see enhanced IPD’s return when the market needs stimulating or for major tournaments like Euro 2020.

    The appeal of enhanced IPD’s should also be exceptional to attracting a wider range of gamblers/inventors, especially casuals. Imagine a traditional bet placing money on Manchester City or Liverpool to beat let say Aston Villa at 1/5. You win you get your stake back and 1/5th of that stake in winnings, you lose it’s all gone, simple as that. With the index during enhanced IPD’s you can now look at equivalent returns by lumping into a 50p player with the hope he scores a goal worth 10p of returns. Not only that but you’ve multiple attempts across a potential 30-day window, the chance of greater returns with goal/assist or clean sheet output and whatever level of success you intially have the option to hold that bet for a period of 3 years. I just see the upside as massive if the logic translates to a wider market.

    Highlighting my own approach, I’ve invested about £1,200 into 1,300 shares, my logic is if each of those shares returns on average 10p in IDP’s I will have made just over 10% return (just like a deposit bonus). That’s also exclusive on any cap app or potential PB rewards.


    FI can’t offer enhanced IPD’s on a regular, its 100% a loss leader promotion for them but is also 100% a better mechanism to bring excitement and confidence to the market then a deposit bonus. In this current promotion and with a new PB structure that’s a long way from reaching it value, for me, there has never been a better time to be active and trading on here, and I’m someone that made their first real investment on this platform around the last share split.

    Happy trading all!

  • Good post 👍

  • @Ericali thanks, also a subtle pump for people to get busy buying players in my table 😂.

    With that said I think any player you buy from today should have all thier eligible enhanced IPD games covered through the promotion so great time to get buying. Looking at ligue 1 rises premier league players whom hit the ground running should climb massively given that's where the majority of peoples interest will be.

  • Not sure if deposit bonuses will be entirely sacked off - there was one literally days ago for certain users and the cash drop equivalents in some territories are net buy bonuses, I understand. But as a broader point, you may be correct that they will focus more on other mechanisms for a market stimulus. Some solid tips in that list of players too!

  • @DW yeh agree, however they offered a 10% to quite a lot of traders even during all the other promos, I think theyl still do targeted 10% offers, but yes hopefully the end of the mass ones.

    I think we will receive less offers during the season as this div table must be stretching them and they want to attract investors (who may be put off by gambling style gimmicks)

  • As long as the spreads are tight then I agree many people will refresh large amounts of their shares, even Neymar only needs a couple of IPDs to make it worthwhile!

  • Very informative and great thread for guidance for the FI doomsday Clan.
    You’ve hit the nail on the head, FI have hit a master stroke with this temporary IPD offer. It can be used any time, as you said especially in times of market slowness etc.
    Was always positive that FI will come up with the goods albeit naturally worried like most. However, the way the company has acted and performed during covid and now is simply outstanding.

    On another note let’s get the forum back to these informative threads and posts and not the waste of time potty mouthed garbage we have been seeing lately.

    We all should be happy as it’s the time to print money 😄

  • @DW said in Enhanced IPD’s, the new and improved deposit bonus. (did you notice?):

    enhanced IPD’s are the new deposit bonuses and it’s an absolute master stroke by FI. The promotion gives users enhanced returns for investing money into the market,

    This maybe true & is undoubtedly good business for FI however you've only addressed one side of the scenario; what happens when the 30 day IPD window is over?

    For the entire IPD system to work in practise for the users it has to have market liquidity &/or narrow spreads but preferably both. Now you may be able to get out of the 100 futures you've bought but how can you move 1000 or 5000?

    Many IPD players have 10%+ spreads with only very shallow market depth, so to recycle them using IS involves a 15%+ loss (wiping out lots of the IPD profit) alternatively you can MS (or soon place a sell order) but that requires liquidity which is far from certain in the current market. So you maybe be left stuck in the player for significantly longer than 30 days or facing a large loss to recover your funds. Neither is great & negates the whole premise of IPD trading, I have proposed the solution many times (an IPD renewal button that cost 2% commission but DOESN'T require going via the market) but FI don't seem to want to entertain it.

    I used to enjoy trading for IPD's & the new enhanced structure is indeed offering attractive returns but if it is either impossible or extremely costly to recycle those funds meaningful IPD trading is effectively a non starter without sufficient liquidity &/or market depth.

  • @DW great post i hadnt actually thought of it this way but you are right. The ME has made IPD’s far more attainable now as well as its very easy to refresh them as you can physically see the demand grow via the shortening spreads before the price takes off so if you plan to refresh your IPDs its very easy by timing your market sell and rebuy. I now feel very confident that i will be able to continuously earn IPD dividends on my longterm holds

  • @DW Great post and agree with all of that.

    I'm expecting a Deposit Bonus for the 5th birthday (October) though!

  • @Geronimo159387 thought about this and i see your point, in fact I see it as correct. The current system and market would probably not allow for someone to purchase 5,000 shares in a player, bank the IPD's and then be able to sell all those shares in the same player at the end of the 30 day window, at least at the lower end of the market. At the top end of the market I actually think it's very possible if you have the bank roll, Depay would be a great active example of this but I appreciate the % returns in comparison will be smaller.

    I think in order for a strategy based on a high number of shares to work at the lower end of the market you would need to be willing to manage buy in and exit points across the 30 days and factor in banking capital apprecistion of the shares on spikes, arguably that's not attractive if you want to buy 5,000 shares in say a 30p player. (Too much risk and work / not enough potential rewards). I do however think you could make good returns if the 5,000 shares are spread across a few players and you've backed the right ones, after watching the last few days of trading I'd be confident that bids exist in the 1,000's for player whom score or assist regularly.

    An IPD only market does seem a non starter in the sense of what you want but i do believe it's been enhanced enough to be viable at lower investments and share quantities. It's certainly a great enhancement to the core PB and MB markets.

  • @DW

    After Sept when the 5x matchday promotion ends we drop back to 2/4p IPD's which are far less attractive than 10/20p obviously, so paying 2% commission + any spread on say a £4-5 player would immediately almost wipe out any profit (unless they had an immense return within 30 days).

    Depay is currently 4.75 - 4.97p so to recycle him (using IS) will cost at least 32p, so he has to score/assist 16 times in 30 days to just get to breakeven, just to cover the commission requires 5 G/A's. Nice added bonus if buying for a long term hold but just not profitable to play such as him for IPD's only.

    I recycled some Hinterregger by the thousands when he scored (earning 2p) & FI provided a deep IS market & 2p spread, so had a new IPD eligible holding at breakeven cost, that sort of trading just simply isn't possible any more, unless or until liquidity & market depth return.

  • @Geronimo159387 said in Enhanced IPD’s, the new and improved deposit bonus. (did you notice?):

    I have proposed the solution many times (an IPD renewal button that cost 2% commission but DOESN'T require going via the market) but FI don't seem to want to entertain it.

    There was mention of something like this as a bit of a end note in the roadmap comms, AC said "Further in the future, we’ll evaluate tools to help customers renew their Shares easily". I doubt it'll be any time soon

  • @Geronimo159387 dont refresh shares using the spread. The spread is a great indicator of when to refresh via market sell, if you see the spread tighten use this as an opportunity to market sell as you can see the high demand and once the player sells you immediately buy back for the same price, that way your Depay shares dont cost 32p to refresh they only cost 2% you then get the IPDs for that night plus anymore he gets in the next 30 days.

    I personally feel like IPD’s will now play a bigger part in my trading than ever before because the ME allows me to see the demand way before a players price spikes. For a lot of my keepers a 2p CS is about 5% return so if i pick my moments i can refresh, make 3% after the commission and earn IPDs for the next 30 days as well as any PB wins.

    Obviously its still going to be very difficult to refresh thousands of shares but that shouldnt stop you from doing it with some a bit each time and keep some kind of IPD cycle going longterm

  • @Black-Wolf said in Enhanced IPD’s, the new and improved deposit bonus. (did you notice?):

    dont refresh shares using the spread.

    Don't worry I don't but to be able to do it without using IS requires liquidity, which we all know hasn't existed in most IPD players for months.

  • @Geronimo159387 theres plenty of liquidity if the IPD player in question has just earned an IPD that night. Ive refreshed a few of my keepers now after getting a clean sheet. It will work just as well for any goal scorer especially the cheaper ones. Assists never tend to get much love though.

    Plus theres be loads of contributing factors for poor liquidity over the last few months which is now starting to pass. I dont think it will be long till everyone’s confidence is fully restored. Theres plenty of liquidity there now its just more focused on the individual players in periods of demand

  • Hello, sorry if this has been answered on another thread, but just want to check that I still only have to hold IPD’s until midnight to be paid out?

  • @Martin-M yep, I think it was @MickTurbo who tried this.

  • @Highfields96 correct 👍

  • @Highfields96 @MickTurbo Nice one, thanks guys 👍

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